Huawei P8 Lite takes a bullet for owner, Huawei offered a new P9 Lite

We’ve all seen those nokia memes of its phones surviving bullets, explosions, being thrown out of tall buildings. While the Huawei P8 Lite did not survive, it managed to save it’s owner from a bullet which is impressive considering it’s plastic build.

A 41-year-old man by the name of Siraaj Abrahams was saved by his Huawei P8 Lite. After pulling into his driveway last week, he was approached by two muggers and was shot in the chest twice. Thankfully, the phone took the bullets for him. It seems that the incident took place in August. It was reported that his heart briefly stopped after the shooting, but he pulled through and is alive to tell the tale.

The smartphone doesn’t have a metal body, but it would seem that its plastic build was enough to stop a bullet from a 2-meter distance. The images show how the bullet hit the back panel of the phone and stopped right before it could penetrate the front panel. Needless to say, the handset isn’t functional anymore, but it sure surpassed its duties as a phone.


Huawei took note of the story, replacing Abrahams’ handset with a new P9 Lite and offered him and his wife tickets for all of the home matches of the Ajax Cape Town soccer team as a VIP guest.


The report mentions another incident prior to this where a Huawei device saved a man’s life during the general elections in Kenya. A guy named Millward Brown was almost hit by a bullet but the Huawei Mediapad in his backpack saved his life.

Huawei which is largest smartphone brand in its home country is also the third largest brand in the global market. Huawei’s CEO has already made clear their plan to overtake the no.1 spot from Samsung by 2020 and Huawei’s smartphone lineup has been impressive enough to not take them lightly. Huawei took centerstage in the international market when it created the best ever Nexus for Google in the form of the Nexus 6P and it will likely stay the best Nexus ever since Google is ending the Nexus brand.

Source : GizmoChina

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  1. hi Vivek …
    This phone is a great deal, value for money. I play games with no problems, I watch videos and movies with 1080p with no lags, beautiful pictures and video shots. Beautiful EMUI. I will really be crazy if I have complaints considering the reasonable price. Whoever you are, look no further, just get the phone and be happy.


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