Rumour : Samsung looking to replace the headphone jack, to give Apple a taste of it’s own medicine

Apple finally forced everyone to consider wireless headphones last week, after officially announcing the new iPhone 7 will not feature the 3.5mm port for wired devices. After that announcement, some consumers predictably kicked up a fuss about having to choose between an easily lost adapter and shelling out cold cash for a wireless alternative.

But it now appears as if rival Samsung will follow the Cupertino company’s self-described courageous lead.

That’s according to sources “involved in the broader supply chain of Samsung’s smartphones”, who indicated to Digital Music News that the South Korean tech giant has plans to remove the headphone jack. And Sammy will also reportedly follow Apple’s lead by releasing a proprietary headphone port of its own. Rumor has it that Samsung is still at exploratory stage with the new port along with the other Android OEMs and still away from implementing the technology. However, if the speculations turn out to be true, there could be wider implications for Apple and the rest of the smartphone market.

It’s also being reported that Samsung’s new jack would be made available for other Android phones and tablets for a small price or for free. The potential move is one suggested to help block Apple from licensing the new proprietary port, meaning headphone wars will soon ensue.

With two new ports to manufacture buds for, makers may be forced to prioritise between Android and Apple and the profitable numbers seem to be on Android’s side for once. Using the numbers game, Samsung and its army of Android allies hope that headphone manufacturers will prioritize their proprietary jack first, leaving Apple deprived of newer, more interesting models.

As always, it’s impossible to confirm rumours of this sort until any official comment, meaning we’ll just have to wait and see if wires will truly become extinct. In any case, provided this rumor is even slightly grounded in reality, it would be a considerable time before the headphone jack goes away for good from the smartphone market.

What do you think of Samsung possibly coming out with a proprietary headphone jack of its own? Do you think the industry needs a universal standard like the 3.5mm headphone jack or such multiple standards to move forward?

Source : Digital Music News

3 thoughts on “Rumour : Samsung looking to replace the headphone jack, to give Apple a taste of it’s own medicine

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  1. Headphone jack should be STANDARDIZED (and present) on all mobile devices. If the current 1/8″ doesn’t work for waterproof/water resistance, then standardize another type that does.

    Same holds true for power chargers and adapter ports, regardless of fast charge. It’s no different than current external storage (micro SD).

    Sure, there are “upsell” and replacement purchases that make for big $ for manufacturers… but how about going back to customer brand loyalty from making superior products and providing excellent customer service instead?

    That’s what built these successful companies (and countries) in the first place. Greed is killing true innovation in a very sneaky way, and just setting us all up for an eventual fall.

    Be the best through real innovation, real quality, and real service… as opposed to being “the best” by profitability and sales numbers alone.

    Apple… Samsung… whoever…
    With sales in the millions, and profits in the billions – you’re not going out of business. It’s HOW you conduct business that sucks.

    Verizon… AT&T… etc…
    Similar to last paragraph. Your great-grandparents would be ashamed of all of you.

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