Samsung updates it’s Smart Switch app to help Windows 8.1 users migrate to it’s android powered Galaxy device

Samsung has released an update for its Smart Switch app, which allows users to transfer content from their existing handsets to Galaxy devices.

Until recently, only devices running Android 4.3, iOS 5 and BlackBerry 7 – or more recent versions of those operating systems – were compatible with the app, but as SamMobile notes, the latest update adds support for Windows Phone 8.1 handsets too.


In addition, the latest update includes extended support for users switching from iOS 9 – namely, the ability to import iWork-generated documents to their new Galaxy phone.

The app also ought to be faster and more stable now. Smart Switch supports wired or wireless transfers, although the options are varied depending on the device and OS your switching from.

The app is pre-loaded on Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and Note 7 smartphones and can be accessed via the Settings menu. Users of other devices can download the app, whose logo is oddly similar to that of Skype, right from the Google Play store. We don’t know if you’re switching to a “shiny new Samsung Galaxy” anytime soon but this ad from Samsung is quite impressive.


Via : Sammobile

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