Motorola trolls Apple in a new video

If you haven’t been following the tech world these past few days, Motorola has launched a promotional campaign against the Smartphone leaders Samsung and Apple called #SkipTheSevens, basically suggesting what the campaign slogan clearly says, Skip the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone 7, and get a Moto Z.

The latest addition to this campaign is a new video where Motorola makes Apple fans think the Moto Mods are an Apple innovation.

We’d talk but first let’s show you what you came looking for, here’s the video :

Motorola filmed a focus group it held with Apple “loyalists” on September 12th to discuss the just unveiled iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The group saw nothing new in the 2016 iPhone models with one exception being the dual cameras on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus. But this group was soon treated to a look at what they were told was an iPhone prototype. And once this group saw the amazing modular accessories that attached to the back of the prototype, the mood changed. All of a sudden, Apple was innovative. Each of the participants spoke about how useful the modular accessories would be to them.

Of course, these people are iPhone lovers for a reason, they have no idea what’s out there. Sure Motorola must have picked up the least smartphone savvy people they could find because the Moto Mods and the Moto Z line have already been launched and promoted by Motorola. But the fact remains that there are so many such people that are blinded by Apple’s glamorous releases.

In a parting shot to Apple, Motorola says, “You can make announcements or break new ground.”

Prior to this video, Motorola also had this printed in the papers :


In the mid-aughts, Motorola’s Razr was the it phone. Until the iPhone came along.

So, it’s easy to imagine Motorola’s excitement when the competitor that knocked it down seems to be faltering, and it can jump at the chance to fight back. That’s exactly what Motorola, now a Lenovo company, has done with a full-page print ad from Ogilvy in The New York Times.

We saw it first on Candace Day’s Twitter, her tweet which Moto US has liked.  It might just be the most bluntly critical anti-Apple (and in parts, anti-Samsung) advertising copy we’ve seen.

When the first generation of the iPhone came out, it changed everything. It was the rebel, the challenger. And it knocked us off our perch. But that was nine years ago.

It seems like the smartphone category is focused on incremental improvements. Display sizes increase by fractions of an inch. Cameras change by a few megapixels. And you often have to wait years for the next big thing.

We admit that we played that game too. Until now. So this year, skip the sevens. Go for something new, something different. Because, while everyone else is figuring out how to improve their smartphones, we reimagined what a smartphone can be.

The Moto Z with Moto Mods doesn’t just give you a slightly better camera, you get a Hasselblad with 10x optical zoom. Instead of small speakers, you get rock JBL stereo sound. Instead of another year of 5″ screens, you get a 70″ projection.

Our industry was built on thinking differently. Some have forgotten. So for now, we’ll carry the torch. Different is better.

Positioning yourself as an alternative to Apple and Samsung’s domination of smartphones is obviously a smart marketing move right now. Both brands have had disappointing releases; Apple’s iPhone 7, but also Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, which was particularly disastrous. But what’s the best part about this ad is that Motorola is using Apple’s and Samsung’s own language against them. “Think different” and “The next big thing.”

If you remember Motorola also didn’t miss the opportunity to hit Samsung for the note 7 battery issues accusing it of not adhering to “the highest standards in quality and testing” of batteries.Quite a few people thought it was a rather distasteful attempt at self promotion.

But much more thought’s been put in Moto’s new “Skip The Sevens” advertising program, with a doctrine that shrewdly includes a mea culpa for past mistakes. The Chicago-based Motorola subsidiary is ready to admit it played the “incremental improvement” game until now, when it invites you to “go for something new, something different.”

Sounds quite exciting to us and if they can promote this campaign well, we don’t know about Apple but it might actually end up taking some of that empty space left open in the premium segment by the Note 7 recall which the LG V20 and the upcoming Pixel XL eye as well.

So are you behind Motorola’s #skipthesevens campaign? Or are you still going with the sevens? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Motorola Blog

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