Latest Pixel & Pixel XL renders show the display assembly

Google is expected to begin a new era by introducing the Pixel and Pixel XL probably on October 4th. The handsets are both made by HTC which is rumoured to be making devices for Google for the next 2 years as well. These will replace the Nexus branded stock Android handsets. In a way, this takes us back full circle. The very first Nexus handset, the Nexus One, was manufactured by HTC in early 2010. We’ve seen a number of renders showing the back of both Pixel models, and a 360° video of the Pixel. The Pixel and Pixel XL both passed the GCF certification today as well revealing some new details.And now we have some new renders revealing the front panels of both devices.

German blogger Roland Quandt released these images on his website, WinFuture.De, where you can find more pictures of the display assembly, which he says is courtesy of a parts dealer from Hong Kong.


So this is what the Sailfish and Marlin aka Pixel and Pixel XL phones look like. As a long time Nexus user, I feel the bottom bezel looks a bit large. Google and HTC could have utilised that space for a front-facing speaker, or at least a front facing fingerprint scanner.

Pixel XL Front panel

Remember how the Nexus 6 was supposed to have a fingerprint scanner, but that idea was scrapped, when Apple acquired the company which was manufacturing the sensors? Perhaps the bezels of the Pixel phones was a placeholder for something which did not make the final cut. We have heard rumours that this is due to a so-called “refurbished design”. Also making the rounds are a rumoured price tag of $649 for the Pixel XL, it’s however not yet clear if it is for the 32GB or 128GB variant.

Pixel XL Front panel in white

The source of the images, a parts dealer in Hong Kong, says that the Pixel’s screen weighs in at 4.99-inches, while the Pixel XL measures 5.46-inches. Both models have a two-tone back with a fingerprint scanner underneath the rear camera.

Pixel Front panel

Google may be ready to pit the Pixels with the premium flagships from it’s partners and Apple this year although the biggest competition I feel would be the OnePlus 3 which is available for just about $400 with similar if not better specs. What should set the Pixel XL apart is the camera. We’ll have to see.

Are you a Nexus fan? What do you think of the price and the design? Do you think the price may deter some fans?

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