Pixel and Pixel XL pass through GCF certification revealing some minor new details

Before a device is unveiled or announced, released for the market, it has to pass through certain and often several checkpoints. This often provides a bit more information than what has already been doing the rounds of the rumour mill, but more than that they are a confirmation that the device does exist and is infact coming out.  This is what has happened today in regard to the rumoured Google phones, the Pixel and pixel XL.

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have passed through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US, but they’ve now also passed through the Global Certification Forum (GCF) revealing two additional model numbers and LTE bands for the international models.

While the previous FCC listings did confirm most of the band support for the two handsets, the GCF listings go through the entirety of the supported bands for both models and for both the International and US versions of each model. So if you are interested to know whether the Pixel or the Pixel XL does support the bands you need it to, the full 2G, 3G and 4G LTE listings are here.

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There are four models for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL (2 each), with the US versions labelled the G-G-2PW2100 (Pixel) and G-2PW4100 (Pixel XL). The newer International model numbers are the G-2PW2200 (Pixel) and G-2PW420 Pixel XL. The exciting thing for us here outside the US is that these new filings show the LTE band information for both phones that is pertinent to our networks.

The major difference between the international and US versions appears to be the lack of support on the TDD LTE bands, with only Band 41 offered on the US models.

The GCF listing also mentioned that all the four devices are manufactured by HTC. We’ve just had new renders of the front panel of the Pixel XL. If the rumored are to be believed, the upcoming Google tablet will be coming from Huawei, which is the first ever Chinese manufacturer to manufacturer a Nexus device. The phones are passed, but still haven’t been announced as yet with that announcement date rumoured to be coming on the 4th of October.

Source: GCF International Pixel, GCF International Pixel XL, GCF US Pixel XL, and GCF US Pixel.

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  1. Isn’t Huawei the manufacturer of the _Nexus_ 6P ?
    It would seem as though that would make it the first Nexus tablet to be made by a Chinese manufacturer, not the first Nexus device.



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