How a ‘dull’ iPhone 7 launched Samsung on a path to destruction

The smartphone industry has become more competitive than ever. And yet, there’s no rivalry as fierce as Samsung vs Apple, the top two smartphone manufacturer’s. It’s like Messi vs Ronaldo, which is which, you decide. A rivalry while leads to the betterment of both the parties involved, it can also have harmful effects. Like explosions.

According to a new Bloomberg report,Samsung predicted early on this year that the iPhone 7 wasn’t going to be that big of an update and saw this as a perfect opportunity to introduce a feature-packed Galaxy Note 7. If Apple wasn’t going to bring something exiting, Samsung would. That, in turn, may have resulted in the explosive battery problems that have caused the company’s ambitions to go up in smoke. From Bloomberg:

After a select group of top managers got their hands on early versions of the Note, they gushed over the upgrades and praised each other’s work, according to one of the people. If Apple wasn’t going to offer consumers anything exciting, Samsung certainly would.

With Chairman Lee in the hospital, the younger Lee and co-vice chairman G.S. Choi huddled with Koh and executives of other Samsung affiliates, which make semiconductors, glass panels and batteries. They went ahead with a slew of new features that had been on the company’s product road map, including an improved screen and stylus—and then approved a launch date 10 days earlier than last year, according to one of the people familiar with the matter.

In the rush to release the new phone, both employees and suppliers reportedly found themselves under even greater pressure than usual, with some workers opting to sleep in their offices to save time. Asked to confirm that deadlines were shifted, Samsung told Bloomberg that release dates are determined by “the proper completion of the development process and the readiness of the product for the market.”

The latest flagship brings several new features to the Note lineup including but not limited to the dual-edge curved display and the iris scanner. It also features a battery that’s larger than any of its predecessors and supports fast charging. Samsung also moved up the launch by ten days to undercut the iPhone which is probably why the focus might have been on getting this handset out the door as soon as possible. The rush to beat the iPhone 7 is now being mentioned as a major reason behind the Galaxy Note 7.

The Note 7 opened to nice over rated reviews from all the top media outlets despite it’s performance not being up to the mark for a phone with that kind of specs. The S7 was considerably faster, the year old iPhone 6s slammed the new Note’s performance to dust, and even the OnePlus 3 performed better. Then the issues started, bootloops and crashes, stuttering, and then reports of explosions started happening, resulting in an unprecedented global recall and a potentially permanent blow to Samsung’s reputation.


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