Download : A lot of Pixel and Pixel XL wallpapers

Google has officially confirmed the October 4 launch event for the pixel phones and we as fans couldn’t be more anxious as the date comes closer.  Android fans are becoming ever more eager to get their hands on some of the new features to be introduced with the devices. The recently leaked Pixel Launcher offered quite a pleasant first-party taster for what’s to come, while Action launcher and now Nova Launcher implemented many new Pixel-style features in its latest beta update, which will surely hit the spot for many,what about the new wallpapers?

Google paired a new wallpaper picker (Download it here) with the yet to officially be seen Pixel Launcher but the new wallpaper picker exists as a separate APK which means it can be installed without loading the Pixel launcher and used with any Android home screen. There are a ton of wallpapers in the new app from the following categories:

  • Earth: Satellite-style imagery, as we’ve seen from the past couple of Nexus releases
  • Landscapes: Beautiful scenery like the sort you might find preloaded on a Chromebook
  • Cityscape: Urban photography, including a few impressive macro shots with beautiful bokeh effects.
  • Life: A collection of photos featuring abstract, floral and everyday objects.
  • Textures: Repeating patterns, sometimes abstract, sometimes from the real world.

And it comes with the option of automatically changing your wallpapers daily. But if you don’t want to install another APK, I have some of those cool wallpapers here for you.


Download the full package in High Quality

But wait, you thought that was it? There’s more! The good folks over at Android Central took the trouble to extract all the 43 wallpapers from the recently launched ‘‘ website (thank you!) and I did the not so troublesome job of packing it in a zip for you to download.

Download all the images in a zip

If that’s still not enough, check out our wallpapers collection and I bet that will be. Make sure you follow Verdict on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more such delicacies

Don’t forget to let us know which are your favorites!

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