Google officially confirms October 4th as the launch date for phones ‘made by Google’

There were rumours earlier that Google will unveil the new Pixel phones and much more on October 4th. In a nod to the geeks and fans, Google just took out a TV ad during the premiere of The Big Bang Theory to tease an upcoming product launch on October 4. With a very cryptic teaser video, Google just confirmed an event in San Francisco on October 4th.

Google has sent invites to the event on October 4th in San Francisco and while the invite itself only features Google’s own logo, the company also just posted a teaser video and site that both strongly hint at a new phone.

Set to the subtle tune of “Come And Get Your Love,” a long rectangular Google Search bar slowly morphs into the shape of a phone, then flanked by “Oct. 4” on one side and the new Google “G” logo on the other.  It’s the worse 30 seconds video you will watch, but at the same time it is exciting if you’re a fan.


The dedicated webpage shows October 5 as the date for the event in India, which we believe is Google’s automated location-based response. Since the event will take place in the US, the Google website is converting the October 4 to October 5 for people who are visiting the site from India.

2016-09-19_1810.pngThe URL for the teaser site is, and unless something has changed, the Pixel brand still stands for devices that are made by Google (and not in cooperation with its partners like LG or Huawei). I imagine Google will be adding more information to it as we approach the unveiling day, so be sure to check it from time to time.

For now the website shows the form factor of a phone that looks similar to what we have seen in leaked renders to be the Pixel phones, which simply shows the same imagery but with the phone-shaped outline being filled by various awesome photographs — building into the information previously leaked about a new, interesting wallpaper experience on the Pixel phones.

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On Twitter, Google is also using the hashtag #madebygoogle as if we don’t know that HTC built these phones for them. As you probably guessed, the event will be live streamed to all and we have confirmation that it begins at 9AM Pacific on October 4.

If you didn’t already know or in case you forgot, here’s everything we expect from the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL. Along with the Pixel smartphones we expect also an update to Android Nougat turning the 7.0 to 7.1, the upgraded Pixel Launcher and a redesigned nav bar. and hopefully Google Assistant.

The last time Google held an event for a smartphone launch (almost exactly a year ago), the company also announced the next generation of its Chromecast device and rumor has it that we’ll see a 4K-capable Chromecast this time around. At the same event last year, Google also showed off the Pixel C tablet, though it only launched it a few months later. Maybe we’ll see a new Pixel C, too.

At its I/O developer conference earlier this year, Google also debuted Google Home, it’s answer to the Amazon Echo, and the Daydream VR device.

Even if all we see is the new Pixel phones, though, this should turn out to be a pretty interesting event. I’m excited for the event even though I’ll probably not be buying the devices.

But are you excited? Would you be watching the live stream? If you won’t be, but still want to know how things unfold follow Verdict on Twitter. Sound off in the comments below

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