Google has AMPed Mobile Search Results but what does it mean?

Have you made your content AMP ready yet?  Google has officially turned on AMP results in the “ten blue links” in their mobile search results.  This means when a webpage has an AMP version available, Google will swap out the non-AMP version and display with AMP version instead, complete with the AMP tag in the search results.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that aims to make the whole mobile web experience better and faster. Don’t be surprised if you see Search showing results with a lightning bolt icon. That only means the website can load “lightning fast”. Pages have been AMP’d already which means it can load in less than a second, saving you time and data.

Google is proud to announce that they have more than 600 million AMP-lified documents available. These are created by different websites from Reddit, eBay, Shopify, WikiHow, Cybercook, Skyscanner, and Konga among others. These websites feature mainly travel, retail, entertainment, recipe, and general knowledge. These pages are not just set in English but in other languages as well.

Here it is in action:


Google has confirmed multiple times that there is not a ranking boost associated with a page being in AMP (although this could change in the future), nor will a site be negatively impacted if they don’t use AMP. However, as searchers become more familiar with AMP and how it works, there will likely be an increased clickthrough when a page is in AMP, especially if other similar results are not AMP.

If there is no AMP version, Google will still continue to show the mobile friendly version of the page over the desktop one.

Google also revealed there are more than 600 million AMPlified pages in the search results, which is a significant jump from the 150 million they announced earlier this year at Google I/O.

AMP hasn’t rolled out to all users or locations yet, although the planned rollout is worldwide. Rest assured, however, it’s on its way. While we wait, tell us what you think of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages in the comments below!

Source: Google Inside Search


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