HTC Ocean with Sense touch seems amazing, but it’s not real

Danelle Vermeulen and his team were responsible for a great deal of conceptualization and product design for HTC over the years, but the company may have spilled the beans on a product that has yet to come to market.

The designer at HTC, on a personal website earlier today,  published what appear to be conceptual video clips of a certain device codenamed ‘Ocean’ and what may or may not be an unannounced HTC smartphone.  After the page was live and circulating around the web for a bit, he placed a passcode on the website, not allowing anyone else to view it.

Evan Blass (otherwise known as @evleaks) shared a link to a concept video done by longtime HTC designer Danelle Vermeulen.

I first saw it  on CNET  more than 10 hours ago and they were speculating it might be the upcoming Pixel from Google because the form factor looks similar. I decided to not write about it because it was an absurd assumption. But then I saw quite a few articles all mirroring the same thoughts as CNET, whoever started it first I have no idea.

Some have also been theorizing it could be the HTC 11 or an upcoming HTC phone.

Well, now 9to5google confirms that the said HTC device is not the Pixel or the Pixel XL. The designer who published the concept video in the first place told 9to5google, “Yes, this is just a conceptual piece and does not represent any real product from HTC.”

Now one could argue she only denies it being “any real product from HTC” but not Google, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. If there was something this amazing on the Pixel phones coming out on October 4th, we’d most probably know about it by now already instead of just finding out.

Anyhow, if you haven’t yet seen the video, check it out. It’s an amazing concept that deserves to materialize in a real smartphones soon.  The video was described on Vermeulen’s site as “a great example of a typical project within HTC; a quick turnaround creating a sizzle reel as an answer to a call to pitch a conceptual idea for CEO buy-in.”


It introduces the device as “Ocean with Sense Touch,” demonstrating how a touch or swipe on the outer frame can activate certain features. From the home screen, a tap on the right edge appears to activate Google’s voice-based assistant. A swipe on the same spot in a music app changes the volume. Later parts of the video show the bezel of the display lighting up as voice commands are activated, though it’s not clear whether this was intended to be a feature of the phone, or just a bit of visual flair for the video.

It would now be disappointing, at least for me to know about this concept and not see it become real in the coming years. Do you not think it’s an original and innovative idea? Much better than imitating the iPhone?

via : 9to5google


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