Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be only IP53 certified meaning no dunking in the water

Phones that are water-resistant seem to be the trend these days. So much so that even Apple decided to hop on board the bandwagon by ensuring that their new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were both IP67 certified. However the question is, will Google be creating water-resistant phones as well with the Pixel and Pixel XL?

Google is seemingly getting ready to kill the Nexus brand by introducing two new smartphones called Pixel and Pixel XL. But it looks like the company will bring back a feature from an old Nexus, namely the Nexus 6. Built by Motorola and released in October 2014, the Nexus 6 is a splash-resistant phone, being the only Nexus that’s somewhat protected against water.

According to Android Police, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will also offer some protection against the elements thanks to an IP53 certification which means that when the phone is held upright and not more than 60-degrees from vertical, it should be protected from damaging water ingress from a relatively low-pressure source.

While there was nothing to really suggest that the Pixel and the Pixel XL would come with a water-resistant build, it was likely expected or hoped for by plenty of consumers as many phones these days, especially top-end flagships, are built to withstand water to a certain degree.

This is likely unfortunate news for those who were hoping to pick up either of Google’s new smartphones this year and not have to worry so much about potential water damage, especially considering the rumored cost of $649 for the base model of the Pixel, the smaller of the two phones. With such a high price tag, it definitely could come across as a little bit of a shock that neither device would come with a feature that can be found on equally expensive devices.

ip-ingress-protection-ratingIf you didn’t already know, “IP” stands for “Ingress Protection” and is a standard promulgated by the International Electrotechnical Commission. It allows you to quantify somewhat nebulous marketing terms like “waterproof,” “water resistant,” “dust resistant,” etc.  As for what 5 and 3 mean, just take a lo0k at the chart above. Another phone in the market with an IP53 rating is the HTC 10. So it shouldn’t be surprising that both the Pixel smartphones share a similar design and a similar IP rating as well.

Basically this means that if you’re out and your phone is in your hand and it starts raining, the couple of droplets that fall onto your phone should not damage it. Dunking it into a bowl of water will, and is probably not recommended. We guess to be fair, it isn’t mandatory for OEMs to make their phones water-resistant.

It is a nice feature to have and it does offer up peace of mind, but at this point in time it probably isn’t a make or break feature. In any case we expect we will learn more about the Pixel phones come 4th of October during Google’s event. Here is everything else that we know about the Pixel and Pixel XL so far, and we do know a lot.

Source : Android Police



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