Mysterious Google event teased with a more mysterious statue

If you’ve been following Verdict, or just android news in general, you know Google has quite a bit up its sleeve for the October 4th event. We’ve previously discussed Google’s change in stance as its shifting from back-foot to the front-foot and hoping to take control of Android. Google hopes to take its Android vision forward on its own now that OEMs wouldn’t stop tinkling with the software.

And if the advertisements are a hint, expect this year’s Pixel phones to be a Bizarro version of Nexus.

Google has been very coy with promoting the event, and the latest comes in the form of what looks like modern art.

Some redditors stumbled upon the statue earlier today in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Evidently erected overnight, this large piece of statuary prominently displays the date October 4th, the signature Google “G,” and a large, freestanding rectangle positioned in front of the scenic cityscape. Printed on the bottom: “#MadeByGoogle”  — a phrase that’s been popping up a lot for this event, suggesting that Google will be taking more responsibility for the design of whatever devices it announces, just like it does with its Pixel laptop and tablet.


Although we might already have seen the phones in question, with leaks earlier this week showing two rather bland handsets that at least match the plain-rounded-rectangle look of the ads. And these things are popping up everywhere, look at these billboards from New York.


Or this one below in Cologne (Vlad Savov) 


The search giant has been saying a lot without saying anything at all with this imagery. If we were to read deeper into it, Google is probably trying to suggest the phone will be your window to the world. Perhaps trying to signify its Camera prowess, display capabilities and the VR features.

I personally think these mysterious ads are kind of cool. Of course it’s no mystery to us but think of the regular iPhone and Galaxy loving population, walking out and finding that somewhere, and a mysterious “#madebygoogle”

If these promotional ads tell anything clearly other than something #madebygoogle will happen on October 4th, is that Google is jumping in the battlefield between Apple and Samsung directly and it’s hoping to win.

Source: Reddit



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