[Poll] Lead Allo engineer ‘hints’ at proper SMS support at some point; How has your experience been?

One of my gripes with Allo – and quite a few of you as well –  is it’s shroddy SMS support that only ends up confusing people than making life easy. The weird half baked SMS support might turn into a proper functionality for Allo. It’s kind of hard to tell from the hint we have here but reading a little too much between the lines is kind of what we do here so.

If you’re not sure what Allo’s SMS support is all about, the app lets you contact non-Allo users over SMS, it’s only in a bridge capacity. For instance, texting non-Allo users iOS devices gives them a 5-digit relay conversation to deal with, while texting buddies on Android will act as a separate conversation within Allo for you instead of a pure SMS thread, however your contact will be replying via SMS to that relay number. Or instead they’ll text you using some other app. Or maybe they will send an SMS to your number instead of that relay number. It’s complicated. You can read more about that here -> How does Allo’s SMS support work?

Google engineer and co-lead on Allo Justin Uberti had a quick back and forth with a user on Twitter expressing their distaste for Allo’s lack of SMS support. At the end of it all, Facebbook Messenger was brought up as an app that is succeeding with an all-in-one model (whereas the Google is trying to argue that isn’t the way to go).

If you read the whole conversation though, you could argue he’s defending the fact that Allo doesn’t have to be the all-in-one messaging app. But his last reply kind of hints that a full SMS support might arrive on Allo at some point. Just like it did on Facebook Messenger.

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Whether you agree, he gave some glimmer of hope that Allo could eventually get more fleshed out SMS support.


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