Sony Xperia XZ sells out in 45 minutes in Taiwan

Sony hasn’t necessarily had the best year when it comes to smartphones. And it hasn’t been so just this year. Sony has been struggling for a long time even with acclaimed devices like many of the Z series phones.

What they needed to improve were the pricing and marketing, but when instead Sony introduced the Xperia X and siblings, underpowered and even more expensive but beautiful pieces of tech,  many were quick to put the new Xperia X lineup down because of its drastic change over the previous Z models and higher-than-expected retail pricing; not to mention the lack of a fingerprint scanner in US variants of all Xperia models which will still continue for “business reasons.”

However, Sony claimed profit from it’s smartphone department finally with the Xperia X series and now we have some more unexpected news.

“Sony Mobile Taiwan opened pre-orders for the Xperia XZ yesterday and managed to sell out within 45 minutes. Sony was offering a special pre-order promotion where it included a number of freeibies including a DK60 USB Type-C Charging Dock, a 16GB USB Type-C OTG connector, a flip style leather case and a protective back cover. It is safe to say that this was enough of an incentive to see those pre-orders rolling in.”

While this sounds great, it’s worth noting that it’s easy to ‘sell out’ if you only have a 100 items for pre-order. Not to say this is the case but this shouldn’t be taken as a sign that Sony Mobile is somehow experiencing some form of resurgence in Taiwan and it’s likely that we’ll see another year-over-year decline in sales in 2016 as well. Also worth noting is the sheer number of freebies thrown in. I have to assume that for Sony, it was more about getting some buzz around the Xperia XZ and less about squeezing a profit from that initial run.

The Xperia XZ features a 1080p 5.2 inch LCD display, Snapdragon 820 CPU paired with 3GB of RAM in either 32 or 64GB of internal storage. That also includes the IP68 immersion protection that always came standard with all Xperia Z models. There’s a 23MP rear camera capable of taking 4K video and a 13MP front facing camera. Note that the global model has a fingerprint scanner on the power key while the US variant will not feature this scanner.

Will you be pre-ordering the Xperia XZ once it becomes available locally?

Source : XperiaBlog


7 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ sells out in 45 minutes in Taiwan

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  1. Sony smartphones never will be focus on the US market. But it’s an Asian and European thing. People are crazy about the new release of the XZ. Who cares about US market when its already been dominated by Apple. That’s why Sony doesn’t even bother to bring the fingerprint to the states. Stop criticizing Sony,clearly Sony is not your Americans favourite.

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      1. I would say because of too much negative criticism about their product in the US, it’s a wide decision for Sony not to expand or try in this market. After all, Sony is doing really good in Europe and Asia. They gained a lot of loyal customers there. Some products they don’t even release here. LOL


      2. There’s a lot of negative criticism about Apple as well. More than Sony. Sony is instead one company everyone wants to succeed but they keep disappointing fans. What possible reason would you give for them disabling fingerprint scanners in the US.? its there, just disabled and for no reason. If they don’t want to sell in the US why even bother. Its clear they do want to sell but just like the fingerprint scanners, their readonong doesn’t make sense.


  2. Oh my gosh, u seem know nothing about Sony. They couldn’t pass the license issue to add fingerprint in the US. It’s entirely NOT Sony’s fault. Canadian version has the fingerprint. But this is not important. The thing is they don’t care about US, that’s it. And get over it.


    1. There’s nothing to get over. Its obvious they don’t care about US and it’s why the Sony fans in US are bothered and are moving to other brands. When chinese companies can bring fingerprint scanners to US, Sony can’t really have an excuse about license issues. Sony has never done well in the US even before smartphones. And the reasons are clear. Anyways, i’m not American


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