Xperia X Compact’s camera stops motion in this camera test : Awesome

If you head over to Sony Xperia X Compact’s official website, you will find the first thing Sony talks of is the camera, using terms like “Blur Free Photos.” Sony claims, it’s “a camera that captures life in motion, in a smartphone that fits in your pocket.”

“Because life doesn’t stand still”

And you’ll find various pictures some of which you may have seen if you follow Sony on social media. However, those pictures seem a little make believe and I for one never trusted Sony.

A user though, decided to put Sony’s claims to test. There was a time when capturing moving objects, let alone objects moving at some speed, with a smartphone camera was unthinkable. All you got was a blur making it seem like the Flash passed by. But here we are today, and boy have times changed.

Just take a look at this series of photos taken with the Xperia X Compact’s camera. The photos were taken at a race track by an Xperia X Compact user, and as you can see, there’s almost no blur to be had thanks to its aptly-advertised fast shutter capabilities.


Notice how even the spokes of the wheel are visible, it’s almost as if time froze. It’s something you expect from an expensive camera, not an expensive smartphone camera.


This image was taken during a dog  frisbee event. Frisbee, which can move at speeds up to 45 km/h.

There is some lost detail due to sharpening but that could be because these are compressed images. Even if not due to compression, it’s a small price you pay if all you care about is taking shots in action. What do you think? Any Xperia X Compact users?

via : XperiaBlog



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