How to install browser extensions for Microsoft Edge, Five extensions you should give a try

Microsoft Edge is a very fast loading web browser that has been included in Windows 10 but the lack of browser extensions for edge has been a major set back and in many cases has kept users from using Edge. However, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update brought this sought after feature to edge among other things.

Even though Edge doesn’t have a huge list of extensions, it comes with some very useful extensions which can be obtained from Windows Store. Here, we are going to talk about five Edge browser extensions that will let you do even more with Edge.

How to Install Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft Edge extensions can be installed through the Windows Store. To see the full list of available extensions, open the Windows Store, select Apps from the menu, scroll down to Extensions for Microsoft Edge, and — if you don’t already see the extension you’re looking for — click Show all towards the right-hand side of the list.


Now click the extension you would like to install and click the Free button; at this point, all Edge extensions are free. The Store will automatically download and install the respective extension. When the installation has completed, you’ll see a Store notification in your Action Center. Once you log into Microsoft Edge, the browser will notify you that you have a new extension and ask you to Turn it on or Keep it off.


Should you ever change your mind, head to More (three dots) in the top right, select Extensions, click to the extension in question, and turn it On or Off,  show it or hide it in the address bar or uninstall it.

Now that you know how to install and manage your extensions for Edge, let’s look at some extensions that you should install right now if you haven’t already.

1. Mouse Gestures

Store rating: 4.7

Power mouse users will love this extension. With Mouse Gestures enabled, you can control Edge with simple mouse movements. A right-click on the page, followed by a gesture will toggle an activity like going back one page, opening a new tab, or scrolling to the bottom.

Edge Basic Mouse Gestures

The app supports the four basic gestures shown above (left, right, up, down) and 12 advanced gestures. You can go with the default settings or you can choose from one of 17 actions (including “no action”) from the drop-down menu next to it. To see a quick overview of your mouse gestures, make a random gesture, e.g. a circle, and a complete list will pop up in your browser window.

Edge Mouse Gestures Overview

Mouse Gestures is an extension developed by Microsoft and it works very well. The only thing we find strange is that Microsoft put so much emphasis on mouse gestures and — beyond basic gestures — nothing comparable is available for touch gestures. Edge is a touch-first browser after all.

2. Save to Pocket

Store rating: 4.1

Pocket is a very useful service and cross-platform app that helps users to save something to read that later. While usingSave to Pocket extension in your Microsoft Edge browser, you can find a Pocket icon in your toolbar. Whenever you need to save any web page, just make use of that button. You can create and sign into your account on multiple devices to synchronize saved web pages.


By default, Pocket uses the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + S, but you can record a new shortcut on the extension’s options page.

3. Microsoft Translator

Store rating: 3.9

This is one of the better-rated extensions I’d say since its abilities are very limited. It works much like the translator in Chrome. Microsoft Translator translates websites written in a foreign language. When you visit such a age, the Microsoft Translator icon will appear in the address bar. Click the icon to translate the entire page or go back to the original page. On the extension’s option page you can choose which language to translate to.



Unfortunately, the extension does not let you translate individual words or sentences. It’s all or nothing. That’s if the translator recognizes the page needs translation, which sometimes it doesn’t.

 4. LastPass

Store rating: 2.9

Everyone should use a strong and different password for every website. However, it is quite difficult to remember all the unique passwords. At such times, LastPass can help you enter your passwords and synchronize your passwords across multiple devices. The LastPass password manager is now available as a browser extension like it was for Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.


There are other password services we’d expect to see extensions from in the future, but if you’re a LastPass user you’re already in luck. Instead of having to exit out of your browser to another app you can hit the extension and get the login information you need, all without ever leaving Edge. Ultimately convenient and another plus to using LastPass on Windows 10.

5. Evernote Web Clipper

Store rating: 3.2

If you enjoy clipping items from the web to a notebook, but Evernote is more your bag than OneNote, you’re in luck. Even on edge Evernote Web Clipper is more advanced than OneNote Web Clipper. Evernote is an alternative to bookmarks. This web clipper lets you save entire pages — or parts of them — to your favorite note-taking website.

The extension works well, but if you compare the video above to what’s available on Microsoft Edge, you’ll see that not all features made the transfer. For example, you can’t take a screenshot and annotate it, possibly because this would compete with a native Edge feature. Meanwhile, the LinkedIn tweak works fine.

There are quite a few other extensions for Microsoft Edge, which one do you use? Did you find any of these helpful? Sound off in the comments below.



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