Chromecast branding removed from the first Chromecast Preview Update

If you remember, earlier this month Google announced that they would be introducing something called the Chromecast Preview Program – a program meant for those who own a Chromecast device, to have the opportunity to test out new features and firmware before it made its way to the public in an official update to Chromecast products.

The first preview firmware, version 1.21.72444, began rolling out to users recently. Google’s release notes for the update only states, “General bug fixes and stability improvements.”  but it would appear that Google looks to be getting rid of the Chrome branding within the Chromecast software.

The bootup screen is reportedly completely free of the Chrome logo that used to be there or is still there for those who aren’t on the Chromecast Preview software. Why Google would want to remove the Chrome branding is anyone’s guess, but leaked screenshots of the update seem to confirm that the branding is gone.

Image source : Android Police

In place of the chrome logo, Google has dropped the familiar ‘G’ logo which is present anywhere from the Google app to numerous other Google services and soon will be seen on the upcoming Google branded Pixel phones.

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Image source : Android Police

The word ‘Chrome’ can still be seen on the setup link which is listed at the top of the display on whatever screen the Chromecast is plugged into, but any Chrome reference other than the word ‘Chrome’ in ‘Chromecast’ are gone. This re-branding doesn’t seem to serve any particular purpose because the device is still going to be called Chromecast.

It could be perhaps to streamline their lineup of product offerings, but there’s no real indication of them wanting to do so and it could just be that Google is trying to get their logo in front of the consumer as much as possible. Because Google’s image as a brand will mater more than ever now if it wants to sell expensive smartphones like the Google Pixels.

Source : Android Police


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