Google Allo and Duo might get integrated

Google’s new AI powered chat app Allo was released this Monday and it opened to it’s fair share of criticism. While Google never promised that Allo and Duo will be Android’s iMessage and Facetime, people were expecting them to be with all the hype surrounding both the apps. Confusing SMS integration aside, Allo still lacks in a few departments that make it not very different from any other messaging app already available on android but instead lacking in features and convinience that the competition offers.

And when fans have been waiting for Google to give them something amazing, it’s no surprise they were disappointed when they were given just yet another messaging app. However, it seems that things will indeed change in the foreseeable future…

When the much anticipated Allo finally began its staged rollout yesterday, the social media-friendly Justin Uberti — one of the leaders of Google’s engineering team behind Allo and Duo — thanked everyone who “understood that this is a v1.0 product”, hinting that it would improve “every few weeks”. Earlier, Uberti also may have hinted at full SMS support.

And, indeed, the vocal Google fanbase didn’t linger much before giving feedback, with ideas deemed as “really good suggestions” by Uberti himself.  Talking about suggestions, I just mentioned above Allo’s lack of features compared to competition, and one, or two of them actually, is lack of audio and video calls — especially considering that its dedicated companion app, Duo, essentially does just that.

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Duo is actually a video calling app, technically, but the convenience of audio calling in situations where video is not practical should not be left unconsidered, and apparently audio might be arriving on Duo in a future update, whenever that is. When suggested by Twitter user Cyril Lucas that Allow get either Duo integration or a proper, in-built function, the Googler said “absolutely”.

While that’s a far cry from any confirmation that the Allo team is working on Duo integration, it’s nice to see that one of the lead team members agrees that this should be something that Google focuses their efforts on.


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