Google Home to cost $50 less than Amazon Echo, Chromecast Ultra priced at $69, Google WiFi coming

We knew Google would be showing off it’s Amazon Echo competitor on the October 4th event along with a 4K enabled Chromecast i.e. Chromecast Ultra but up until now, we had no idea on pricing or the Google WiFi

The latest entrant in the voice-activated-assistant race, will cost $130 and include the colorful base options shown off at the company’s I/O conference in May, according to Android Police. That’s $50 less than the Echo. We have yet to see how well the Home works, but we do know that while it was built to be used across rooms and to answer questions using Search, Google hasn’t yet opened up its API, so it might not be compatible with as many devices as the Echo.

Google will introduce a new router that’s similar to Eero at its event, as well as its new Pixel phones and a Chromecast Ultra that streams in 4K. That new Chromecast is expected to cost $69.

If you’re keeping track at home, yes, Google already does have its own line of branded routers. The OnHub line launched late last summer as a router that’s simple to control with your smartphone and good looks that’ll make you want to place it prominently in your home. However, both of the two OnHub-branded routers were built by third party manufacturers (TP-Link and Asus).

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This new Google WiFi router would be presumably built in-house, like the rest of the hardware that Google is set to introduced in October.

Google has designed the Wifi router so that multiple units can be linked together. If that’s the approach, they’ll likely form a mesh network not unlike Eero and similar products from more traditional router companies like Netgear. Google Wifi will cost $129 according to the report.

Here’s a snippet from Droid Life explaining the Google WiFi a bit in detail :

The point of Google WiFi is to be very much like Eero or Luma, two WiFi router products that expand in a house to help it cover every corner, so that you don’t have any weak spots. Google is pushing this as a “mesh technology” or “modular” in that you can add on parts to it, which is why I’m comparing it to those other two products. They work similarly, where you start with a router connected to your modem and then continue to add on new routers or modules to expand the network. If you are worried about security there, understand that new modules or routers will have to be a “trusted” module, signed by Google. That make sense?

It sounds like this router would be relatively small and unobtrusive as well, comparable in stature to Amazon’s Echo Dot. That means it would likely omit features like multiple Ethernet ports. The router is also rumored to have “smart” features, similar to what we see in the OnHub series. What those features will be remains to be seen, but the OnHub series works with Philips Hue lighting and IFTTT — not to mention its own excellent iOS and Android app for managing various settings.

This still seems like a strange pursuit with Google having launched OnHub last year.

It’s unclear whether Google Wifi will be part of the company’s OnHub router family or something entirely separate. It’s apparently going to have the same selling points: better range than most everyday routers and “smart” features. But OnHub routers are built by other companies like Asus so a self-branded router would fit in perfectly with the “Made by Google” tagline that’s being advertised in grand fashion ahead of the October event.

Source : Android Police, Droid Life


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