Samsung Galaxy S8 could be powered by Exynos 8895, 40% better performance than S7 / Note 7

We’ve heard this before, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will reportedly employ the Exynos 8895 chipset, which is still in development in-house. But a new rumour today gives us some details about the GPU that will be used in the SoC.

For some time now, rumours of a 4K display in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 have been swirling, suggesting a super-dense display offering a significantly upgraded VR experience in next year’s flagship. And now it’s reported that Samsung could use ARM’s most powerful GPU yet in its next Exynos processors.

SamMobile is reporting that the Galaxy S8 could be powered by an Exynos 8895 CPU with ARM’s Mali-G71 graphics processing unit on top. Samsung will be using a 10nm-based Exynos chipset in the Galaxy S8 next year. The news however, broke out in an unusual way in a recent report about a Samsung senior official who tried to steal confidential information related to 14nm and 10nm technology.


The new Mali-G71 GPU is said to be 1.8 times more powerful than the Mali-T880 MP12 graphics processing unit, which was paired with Exynos 8890 and used in the company’s flagship Galaxy S7. SamMobile also notes that the GPU is faster than the one from Qualcomm’s next gen chip Snapdragon 830, which would be a first in the ARM vs. Qualcomm GPU competition.

 According to ARM’s own documentation, the chip offers “40% better performance density and 20% external memory bandwidth saving compared to Mali-T880.” However, the docs for Mali-G71 provide reference specs based on a 16nm FinFET process, but Samsung is likely to use a more efficient 10nm process in its 2017 Exynos chip — which potentially means it’ll be even faster than ARM’s reference numbers.

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All of this sounds quite good and it will be interesting to see how the new chip stands against Apple’s A10 chips. If the rumours about the 4k display on the S8 are true, coupled with the powerful Mali G71 GPU, it will provide a great VR experience. However, Americn consumers might still have to settle for the Qualcomm chip.

It’s a good thing we’d probably not be waiting long to know the official details because several analysts and experts are suggesting Samsung may already be moving past the Note 7 and gearing up for an early launch of the Galaxy S8. And it makes sense for Samsung, because there will always be a sense of mistrust with the Galaxy Note 7 now even after the replacements.

What do you think of these developments? Are you eager to see something from the Android camp give Apple’s A10 some real competition?


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