Chrome for Android update brings smarter file downloads and data saver for videos

Google is introducing major improvements to Chrome for Android to make browsing faster, and downloads seamless for people on slow network. The announcement is part of company’s ‘Next Billion’ push to bring India’s next billion people to the internet.

The new, stable version will bring many new features and improvements, which will first be included in the beta build.

Those who already have Chrome beta installed on their Android devices will be able to experiment with the new features before Google makes them available to general public.

At its ‘Google for India‘ event in New Delhi, the company announced today that the Data Saver feature on Chrome for Android now also works with video content. One of the most important new features in Chrome for Android version 54 is the ability to download websites, music, pictures, or even videos. That way you will be able to watch or visit them later on and you won’t need Internet connection.

Even if your download connection suddenly drops while you’re downloading a file, as soon as Chrome goes back online, the downloads that you’ve already started will be resumed automatically.

Users will also notice that there’s a new home for all downloads, right inside the application. All content downloaded can be accessed offline from one place. In addition, Chrome for Android now automatically optimizes HTTP pages when a user is on a slow 2G network. These optimized pages are as much as 90 percent lighter than their regular counterpart, and load twice as faster. Data Saver mode — which reduces the amount of data Chrome uses on Android mobile devices, computers, and Chromebooks — will now support MP4 videos, saving up to over two-thirds (67%) of video data.

All the features are now live on Chrome beta app for Android starting today. Stable version of the mobile browser will get these features later this year around mid-October.

Apart from the improvements in Chrome, Google announced a slew of other things at the event including a 2G ready version of Playstore and a new Youtube app aimed at people with slower connections. Take a look at the major announcements at the Google for India event.





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