HTC Ocean Master, Ocean Smart and Ocean Note could be a thing after all

Last week a concept video of the HTC Ocean surfaced thanks to a tweet by @evleaks and then soon after Danelle Vermeulen, the designer at HTC who was responsible for the leak,  told 9to5google, “Yes, this is just a conceptual piece and does not represent any real product from HTC.”

That statement is either false or the new leak is. Again, this was called a concept video by Danelle, but a day after Even sent out that tweet, LlabTooFeR replied to it with three different code names. LlabTooFeR is a well known HTC leaker and community developer for HTC devices.

HTC hasn’t had the best luck in the smartphone game despite making some really good phones which were not plagued by the price issues and other things like Sony Xperia devices. The company needs some great innovation to turn the tide around and HTC OCean might be that answer.

The codenames revealed by LlabTooFeR don’t reveal much except that HTC might finally be jumping in on the “Note” brand of devices. The Master would presumably come with some more expensive cutting edge features, the Smart may be the baseline model, and the Note could be, well you know. Let’s hope it comes with something like an S-pen or better.

If you haven’t yet seen the video, check it out. It’s an amazing concept that deserves to materialize in a real smartphones soon.  The video was described on Vermeulen’s site as “a great example of a typical project within HTC; a quick turnaround creating a sizzle reel as an answer to a call to pitch a conceptual idea for CEO buy-in.”


The concept video shows off a technology that can control software by sliding your hands along the side of the phone or by swiping your finger to the edge of the display. Later parts of the video show the bezel of the display lighting up as voice commands are activated, though it’s not clear whether this was intended to be a feature of the phone, or just a bit of visual flair for the video.

In any case that is a neat feature I’d love to see happen although, the world will not be going crazy when and if HTC announced the Ocean devices unless they market it well. If history has proven something, well, it has proven a lot of things, and one of them is that for a company like HTC it doesn’t matter if they have something really innovative if they can’t sell it.

Source : LlabTooFeR



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