Google Pixel hype has reached Australia; Telstra will Stock Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL

Google is setting itself a high bar for October Pixel phone reveal. By now, you must be aware that Google is going to unveil some things #MadeByGoogle at the event two of which will be the Pixel and Pixel XL.

For those that are unaware of the event, it does seem that Google is keen to ensure that they become aware of the event prior to the event taking place. Compared to previous years, it seems as though Google has been on quite a marketing push of late with billboards being spotted and even large statues which not only hint at the upcoming Pixel smartphones but also clearly detail the ‘made by Google’ branding and the date of the event.A few days ago, a Google logo and the outline of a phone in Sydney’s Circular Quay, with a photographer snapping away was spotted. Matching those same phone-shaped images we’ve been teased with, Google’s Aussie Twitter account is now dialing up the hype.


Google is taking its advertising (and these statues) as far afield as they can, the latest have now popped up in Sunny Australia in both Sydney (above) and Melbourne (below). While the advertisements have so far been largely spotted by interested parties when out in public, these latest ones come as official teases by Google.

Both the above and below images were released by Google’s @googledownunder Twitter account (which is the Australia and NZ arm of Google) and both images adopt much of the design and presentation of the ones that had been spotted elsewhere. Albeit with one notable difference, the date.


Later Google also teased this image below, which they say was “For early morning joggers and those who like long walks on the beach”


The Australia images comes promoting the date as October 5 which of course, is when the event will be taking place in Australia due to the time difference between Australia and the event-host city of San Francisco.

Talking of Australia, Ausdroid, are confident that Australia’s largest telecom carrier, Telstra, will be carrying both the Pixel and the Pixel XL on their network when they launch next month. The listings have appeared in Telstra’s systems for the Pixel and Pixel XL in 32GB and 128GB variants, with no sign of a 64GB variant splitting the difference.

Image Source : ausdroid

Color wise, the two devices will be launching in a trio of different colors, with their own strange names to match like  Quite Black or Very Silver as well as Reality Blu however it seems Telstra will not be offering the phones in Reality Blu. Check out the full story at ausdroid from the source link at the bottom.

Wherever you are in the world, it does seem as though Google is keen to make sure you are tuned in for the launch of what could be a very interesting year for Google’s hardware division. Google has helped build intense speculation for its October 4 event.

Now that the buzz has reached a football-stadium roar, here comes the hard part: living up to the hype. It is through Pixel that Google will likely make its biggest play yet for consumers when it comes to phones. And Google needs to set the stage on fire with their Pixel phones and not in a Note 7 fashion. They will need to appeal to the masses, and not just the enthusiasts.

Source : @googledownunder, ausdroid



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