Swiftkey Beta lets you type in 5 different languages at once

Swiftkey, I believe is one of those apps you don’t need a briefing about. Its so popular OEMs like Sony are shipping their phones with Swiftkey as the default keyboard app. Swiftkey had been making headlines lately having been in an awkward situation a few months ago. Swiftkey later fixed the problems and a few weeks ago announced that the keyboard app will now be powered by a neural network to improve suggestions.

With the latest update, Swiftkey is taking it further, by adding more languages, and now you can even type in five different languages at once!

If you are multilingual – and especially if you speak more than two languages – switching back and forth between languages can be very annoying. SwiftKey already supported two languages to be typed at once, but now the company has increased that number to five. No more tediously searching for the right language!

Since you can now type in 5 languages at once you will not find the red underlines that show error when you use multiple languages. That’s not all that’s new though. SwiftKey Beta also makes it possible to toggle on or off the key press popups, there’s a new setting in the tablet layout to toggle the dedicated emoji key which is on the left of the space bar, finally the bottom row is now visible on stroke, emoji, arrow and landscape layouts.

Another is the expansion of its neural network support. Earlier in September, SwiftKey introduced us to its new word prediction system: a neural network. It essentially looks at the whole sentence rather than a few preceding words to offer better suggestions. Unfortunately, the neural network was only available for English, but now French, German, and Spanish will also be powered by the company’s neural network.

There are also other features that would surely delight users.

For example, the keyboard is also now supporting four new languages: Sindhi Pakistan, Pashto, Scottish Gaelic and Uyghur. SwiftKey is touting that, with this move, it is bringing its “mind-reading technology” to more people.

Here’s the full changelog provided by SwiftKey.

  • You can now type in 5 languages at once!
  • We’ve added 4 new languages: Sindhi Pakistan, Pashto, Scottish Gaelic, Uyghur
  • New Neural Net languages: French, German & Spanish
  • You can now turn on/off key press popups
  • New setting in a tablet layout to turn on/off dedicated emoji key that appears to the left of the space bar
  • No more red underlines when typing in multiple languages
  • Bottom row now visible on stroke + emoji + arrow + landscape layout

The technological advances in the recent SwiftKey beta build reinforce the argument why the company was acquired by Microsoft early this year. The claim is that it was not motivated by a desire to acquire the keyboard app. Rather, it was driven by SwiftKey’s achievements in the area of artificial intelligence.

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via : Android Police



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