[Update : voice search added to ‘pill’ widget] Action Launcher update adds rumoured Launcher Shortcuts from Google Pixel launcher

Update : In a post on Google+ Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy announced an update that includes the voice search button in the Google pill widget as seen in today’s Pixel leaks from Canadian carriers. Get it from Playstore screenshot_20161003-154727.png

Although the Google Play Store is home to a vast number of launcher replacements, Action Launcher is widely regarded as one of the best right up there with Nova and Google Now. One of the major reasons for this has to be Chris Lacy’s tireless work in keeping the launcher up to date with the latest features, while bringing a level of polish you’d normally expect from big OEMs.

Action Launcher was the first major android launcher to adopt material design, it was the first to bring the rumoured Pixel launcher looks, and now its the first to bring the rumoured 3D touch like launcher shortcuts from the Pixel Launcher as well.


In a new update rolling out now,  Lacy is further introducing  a new feature dubbed “Quickcuts.” Simply put,  it’s swipe shortcuts for some Google apps. Swiping an icon causes a menu to open with shortcuts to specific areas of the app, like certain tabs.



So now it’s possible to get this feature without waiting for the Pixel phones to land — or for your handset to get an Android 7.1 OTA, which for many, may never arrive.

Keep in mind that apps will need to have this functionality coded into their app, which, as of right now, seems to be reserved for Google’s own apps. Also, some of Google’s apps don’t currently make their actions available to third-party apps, so they won’t work right now (Maps and Chrome are in this group). Lacy does mention that he managed to add his own Quickcuts for a few other apps like Twitter and YouTube, but don’t expect too many more until Android 7.1 officially drops later this year.

“Currently this is limited to [a] selection of Google’s apps including Play Music, Play Movies and Photos, but more will come as 7.1 is announced. I’ve also hardcoded Quickcut definitions for a few key apps like Twitter (New Tweet/DMs) and YouTube (Watch Later/Subscriptions).”

With this feature, Action Launcher rounds up about all the features of the leaked Pixel Launcher, days ahead of the debut of Google’s new phones. And you can bet that if anything new crops up next Tuesday, the developer will be quick to react.


Source : Chris Lacy via Google+


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