Facebook introduces Messenger Lite for emerging markets

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world, and also one of the largest companies in the world in general. Facebook grew so much over the years, and a ton of people use the company’s official application for Android, which had been downloaded over 1 billion times thus far.

Facebook introduced a light weight version of its Android app earlier this year, and the social network is now doing the same for its messaging platform which also crossed 1 billion users recently.

Messenger Lite is now available, meaning users in countries like India where data is thin on the ground and people with small amounts of on-board storage can use Messenger as well.


The app comes in at 10MB, and lets people text and share photos and links over 2G connections. Users can view stickers, but there’s no option to send or download stickers. Messenger’s more advanced features, like chatbots, are missing from this version.

For the icon, the colors of the normal Messenger logo have been reversed – it’s a blue bolt on a white background (same as Facebook Lite). The obvious play here is to get more people on the Messenger platform, but it’s good to see Facebook trying to get the countries with older technology online.

The app will debut in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, and will make its way to other countries at a later date. “We want to make sure Messenger products are truly for everyone,” said David Marcus, head of Messenger.

The app isn’t live yet on the Play Store, but it should be available for download in the aforementioned markets later today.

Source : Facebook


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