Google Pixel and Pixel XL leaked by Bell and Telus

Because we live in a world where people suck at following directions, almost all of the Pixel and Pixel XL details have been posted at a variety of carriers and retailers across the globe. So hopefully, you weren’t waiting on any surprises on October 4th, because if you’ve been following Verdict, its all spoiled for you.

Carphone Warehouse, Telus, and Bell have all put forth their best leaking effort, but Carphone Warehouse’s has been the biggest.

Canadian carrier Bell made a couple pages live today, showing off both upcoming Google smartphones by accident. One of the pages was originally meant for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but instead it displayed Google’s handset.


The page was first spotted by a reddit user for the smaller Pixel model, and later someone managed to change the URL and pull the image for the larger Pixel XL as well. Both images are as shown below.


Soon after this, another Canadian carrier, Telus also updated the renders on its site with new ones, which were caught by Android Police.


There is nothing special or informative about these leaks however a listing on Carphone Warehouse’s website spills almost all the beans, even the ones nobody was expecting such as support for expandable storage, a first for Google phones after the original Nexus and the return of OIS.

Source : Android Police

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