Andromeda is already here! And it runs Google Brillo OS

You’ve probably heard about Andromeda now, and if you think we’re talking about the galaxy here, no. Andromeda is supposedly the love child of Google’s Chrome OS and Android OS. A merger of the two platforms to create something like Windows 10.

It all started with a tweet. After which Android Police fired up the hype train with a piece about an internal project at Google known only as Andromeda. They claimed to have been sitting on this information for a while but this tweet from Hiroshi Lockheimer made them come out.

These were claims based on rumors based on a year-old WSJ story. No references outside of the WSJ article was cited. There has also been some factual evidence about some code referring to ‘Andromeda’. ChromeUnboxed seem to do have digged deeper into the story and they found that the changelog for this ‘factual evidence’, has not been updated in over a year. If Andromeda was based on Chromium and Android open source projects, any changes regarding the merger in the source code repositories of the AOSP or Chromium projects would be visible. However, reportedly there’s not even a single mention.

Moreover, the WSJ article mentions a merging of Android and Chrome OS that would begin previewing late in 2016 and see full rollout in 2017. It doesn’t really specify if it would be Chrome merging into Android or Android merging into Chrome which incidentally we have seen now with the Android Framework almost ready to go on Chrome OS and Chrome OS running Android apps.


So why does the title say Andromeda is already here when all I have done until now is suggest it doesn’t exist at all? Because Andromeda doesn’t necessarily has to be a Chrome and Android love child. Now, nobody is saying all those rumours have to be false, maybe there really is an Andromeda OS that will be revealed today. Hopefully there is but Andromeda reference, in relation to Google’s projects, is not really exclusive to the said love child.

Below are renders of the Andromeda Box Edge, Andromeda Box Gateway, and the underlying Andromeda Box hardware.


These are not entertainment boxes or some kids toys from 80s. They are meant for engineers and not consumers. You’ll find these photos and more on, which at first seems like a spam site, until you realized it is owned and operated by Marvell. Marvell is the company that makes the Andromeda Box that was being tested for use in Google’s Brillo connected home initiative.

The Andromeda Box was announced on November 2nd, 2015 by Marvell. The intro of the press release further explains the close relationship between this Andromeda Box, Google, Android, and the possibilities that lie ahead:

Marvell offers end-to-end Andromeda Box platform integrating Google’s new operating system based on Android to help accelerate the development of IoT gateways and edge devices.

Google hasn’t hid their participation in the Andromeda Box, listed directly in the partners section with a logo front and center.


There is also this Google blog referencing a project within Google called Andromeda.

Google has always wanted to enter our living rooms and probably a lot of places in our houses apart from our laptop screens. Way back in 2011 we were wowed by Google’s @Home initiative, but even after acquisitions of Nest and Dropcam, not much ever came from it. At Google IO 2015, Google announced Brillo and Weave, Android-based initiatives that were expected to revive the hopes and dreams of Android@Home.

At today’s Pixel event, Google will be launching quite a few other things except the Pixel smartphones including Google Home, Google WiFi, and Chromecast. And the Andromeda tablet or laptop or just a glimpse of the OS. We’ll know in a few hours. Another reason to watch the event LIVE, I can’t wait.

Given that Marvell’s “Andromeda Box” conceptually intersects with all of these, its worth wondering if Google’s rumored “Andromeda” is merely the intersection of Android & Chrome, or something much more.

What do you think?

via : ChromeUnboxed


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