Made by Google : Daydream VR headset announced, will cost $79

We already knew Google will not only use its Oct. 4 hardware event to unveil two new flagship phones, but the also its first-ever Daydream virtual reality headset. So its not a big surprise that Google did indeed announce it, however, its still every bit as exciting as it would be had I not known anything. Daydream VR is Google’s affordable answer to Samsung VR. 

The headset is reportedly be manufactured by HTC, the same company rumored as the manufacturer of the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Samsung is selling its Gear VR for $99, and Google seems to be willing to go even lower: The company has announced a $79 price tag for its first Daydream headset. Google’s Daydream platform will lower the barrier for those who want to experience virtual reality without purchasing a powerful gaming PC often required to run the HTC Vive or Oculus’ VR dedicated headset.

Just like the Gear VR, Daydream headsets are going to use the phone as a display. However, unlike Samsung’s mobile headset, Daydream won’t use a touch pad for navigation. Instead, it is being shipped with a handheld controller that works a bit like a Wii remote, capable of tracking motion and to be used for both navigation and game play in VR experiences.


Google has teamed up with a number of companies to build Daydream-ready phones as well as Daydream headsets for the future. For now, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL seem to be the only phones to come with Daydream VR support. Daydream view will be available in the following three colors :


Will you be treating yourself to a Daydream VR headset?


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