Here’s the retail packaging for the Google Pixel

What the retail packaging of a given device looks like is far from a make or break proposition. It’s one of the smaller factors; sure first impressions last, but it’s the device that you’ll be using daily. Even if the packaging is ugly, you might end up loving the device. The box, you’ll likely end up stowing away until you need something from it or you’re done with the device and want to resell it.

And yet…  there’s something wonderful about an aesthetically pleasing retail packaging for a new phone. That amazing feeling of unboxing your shiny new gadget multiplies ten folds if the packaging shows how much attention the manufacturer has put into it. 

The box a phone comes in won’t make or break your experience with the device, but a good box will make that new phone smell that much sweeter. In the case of Google’s new Pixel phones, the packaging is simple and clean. It gets to the point, gets out of the way, and uses the device as a center point. Besides the usual documentation, it looks like Google decided to include some additional accessories that we don’t always see with a phone.

A reddit user, brownyR31 has already posted some pictures :


But here we have another retail packaging. Ausdroid had this retail packaging with them and they have shared with us the details. The outside of the packaging for the Pixel looks to be a clean white box with a picture of the phone and the Pixel branding on the front. This is just a sleeve, however. The actual box, which slides out sideways, is a single flat color on the front.


What’s in the box?:

  • USB-C 18 W adaptor with USB-PD
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to USB Standard-A plug cable
  • SIM tool
  • Headphones with rubber earbuds
  • OTG Dongle
  • Safety and warranty information
  • Quick start guide
  • Google Assistant card
  • Google Social promo card

The spine of the box on one side shows a simple Google “G” logo, and the other side shows the logos for Daydream, Assistant, and Cast, giving you an idea of the capabilities of the device inside the box. The rear of the box is simply a barren expanse of white, like the front.

Also, here’s an unboxing from Verizon which shows off different packaging.

Are you buying the Google Pixel?


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