Enable fingerprint reader on Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact units in US

You may already know that unsurprisingly the Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact shipped to the US have disabled fingerprint scanners just like every other Sony Xperia before them. Sony reasons this as a “purely business decision,” whatever that means. But if the lack of a fingerprint reader was the one thing holding you back from buying the device, you might want to re-think. 


According to Xperia Blog, it’s totally possible to enable fingerprint scanner on the devices if you know your way around android. There’s a software trick involved: all you have to do is to flash the unit to a different region. If you’ve had a Sony Xperia device in the US before, you may already know this. The fingerprint readers on these devices are not just outright removed, they’re just made dormant for “business” reasons.

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A brave Android user over on XDA was able to confirm Xperia Blog’s method, taking matters into his own hands and flashing the UK firmware. When all was said and done, the user claims the sensor is working perfectly along with is device which supports North American cellular bands.


The custom UK firmware can be flashed using a tool called XperiFirm and according to the OP, only took about “2 minutes” to flash everything over and get that dormant fingerprint scanner up and running like the good Lord intended. If that wasn’t enough to entice you, he also mentions the scanner performs much quicker than the previous Z5 Compact, which is an added plus. Of course since this isn’t exactly the official method, things could go wrong that Sony might not be cover under its warranty.

You can you can get started by checking out the instructions here or check out Xperia Blog’s guide here if you are interested in getting the fingerprint sensor up and running on your phone. Sony Xperia XZ is available for orders in USA for $699.

via : XDA


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