GIPHY CAM is now available on the Playstore and you must try it out

Giphy is one of the most popular repositories of GIFs on the web, and the site has an Android app already that works also as a Facebook Messenger plugin, bringing Giphy’s extensive GIF library to your palm and right into your conversation. Giphy has now published their newest app to the Play Store – Giphy Cam.


GIPHY CAM couldn’t be much more straightforward. There’s no social network, no feed, no browsing. It’s literally just a camera that brings all of the GIF fun you can imagine, letting users easily produce and customize GIFs for sharing. The application allows you to either record video from your camera, or shoot five images in burst mode to which you can then apply all the effects and stickers your heart desires. The app description states that Giphy plans to add new filters weekly, “to help you keep your GIF game on point.”

Once you have a GIF masterpiece completed, simply save it, then upload to your favorite social media site. It’s that simple, which is what makes it so fun. Now I’m no funny meme creator or something but apps like these kind of make your silly side come out. What’s below is the best I could come up with just to show you.


The app is completely free to download and use on Google Play, so for all of you funny content creators, it’s a must have.


Are you a content creator? Have you used GIPHY CAM yet? Do you wish to?



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