Google Pixel battery apparently lasts nearly 40% longer than Nexus phones


If there were two things the Nexus phones weren’t known for, they were the camera and battery life. The camera improved somewhat with the Nexus 6P and 5X, however, the camera app on the Nexus still sucked. So to say, having a better battery life than a Nexus smartphone isn’t really a high bar to clear.Just to be clear, it isn’t a low bar either. But topping that with nearly 40% is something worthy of a dedicated article.

Redditor, TyGamer125, has pieced together a table showing the relative claimed battery life of Google’s 2015 smartphones, the Google Nexus 5X and Google Nexus 6P, together with the 2016 Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL and discovered that the battery life of the new phones should be 36.4% greater than their predecessors. According to the figures, the Pixel battery life is 37% better than the Nexus 5X, while the Pixel XL shows a 35.8% boost over the Nexus 6P.

“The big takeaway from this is that despite battery size only increasing 2.6% or 0% between comparable phones, there is a large difference in battery performance,” writes /u/TyGamer125. “So if you are getting around three hours of screen-time on a Nexus 6P, expect the Pixel XL to get 4.2 hours (or 40% better).”

Category Nexus 5X Pixel % Difference Nexus 6P Pixel XL %Difference Pixel vs 6P % Difference
Capacity 2700 2770 +2.6% 3450 3450 0% -24.5%
Standby Time 420 hours 456 hours +8.6% 440 hours 552 hours +25.5% +3.6%
Talk Time 20 hours 26 hours +30% 23 hours 32 hours +39.1% +13.0%
Internet use time(Wi-Fi) 9 hours 13 hours +44.4% 10 hours 14 hours +40% +30%
Internet use time(LTE) 8 hours 13 hours +62.5% 10 hours 14 hours +40% +30%
Video playback 10 hours 13 hours +30% 10 hours 14 hours +40% +30%
Audio playback 75 hours 110 hours +46.7% 100 hours 130 hours +30% +10%

It’s worth noting that these numbers come straight from Google so, obviously, they seem impressive. It’s also important to remember that benchmark battery life figures should be considered unrealistic for almost all people, almost all of the time. The companies do these benchmark tests under ideal conditions which typically means that all unused applications, services and radios were disabled or shut down during the test. Also, if you’ve lived on planet Earth for more than 12-13 years, you know those conditions do not exist in real life.

Nevertheless, some metrics show a significant improvement in battery life and it’s the improvement that’s important here rather than the actual quoted battery life.


Most of the performance improvements can probably be sourced to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip that’s built into the new phones. According to Qualcomm, the SD821’s Kryo CPU is twice as efficient as the processor in the Snapdragon 810 – that’s the chip used in the Nexus 6P. And Qualcomm also says that the SD821’s Adreno 530 GPU is 40% less power hungry than the SD810’s Adreno 430 graphics unit.

An LCD vs AMOLED scenario could also be a reason for some of the Nexus 5X to Pixel’s battery life improvement, but it’s also possible that Google are using a more modern AMOLED panel with greater power efficiency.

However, as stated at the start of this article, the real test of the Pixel’s battery will be when the devices arrive in customer hands rather than using dry benchmarks. Still, its looking good for the Pixel so far.

Source : Reddit


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