Rick Osterloh : Google Pixel is the best smartphone for a Google user

If you’ve been alive, and had any connection with humans on this planet, you most probably know that the Google Phone (a name we’ve been hearing in the tech lore) is finally here. Although, it’s officially called “Pixel, Phone by Google”.

However, the launch of the Pixels have stirred considerable debate. One of the debating points is the fact that the Nexus line has essentially been discontinued with the all-new Pixels taking their place as Google’s proof-of-concept devices.


The other main debating price is that the Pixels come with what many consider to be an unnaturally high price. In fact, while some have considered the Pixels to be quite iPhone-like in design, the prices being touted are certainly thought to be very much iPhone-like.

But make no mistake, this isn’t by chance. “Google’s hope for the Pixel is to have a device that can rival Apple’s iPhone,” recode says. And it has been quite obvious well before the official launch if you’ve been following the rumours. Given the pricing, the Pixel better rival the iPhone and its an aspect not lost on Google. In fact, Google made the Pixel to rival the iPhone. If you missed it before, the Pixel has an easy switch feature that lets you transfer all your data from an iPhone (including iMessage data) or Android simply via a cable.

Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh said in an interview on Tuesday that he expects consumers to compare and hold the Pixel to the iPhone. His exact words to recode were, “I think they can, should and will.” The only way Google can make its intentions more clearer now is if Sundar Pichai himself in a Trump fashion tweets to Tim Cook.

But Google did not forget all about its Android fans in its quest. Just like an iPhone is the best phone for an Apple user, Google wants you to know, the Pixel is the best phone for Pixel users. “If someone is a Google user this is the best phone for them without a doubt,” Rick continues.  Of course, Google won’t be just competing against Apple, but also its Android partners including market leaders like Samsung. And to be fair, if the Pixel phones are a hit, they will damage Android manufacturers much more than it would affect iPhone sales.


Osterloh’s comments are another debatable topic, but it makes sense. After all, the big selling point with the new Pixels is that they are very entwined with Google’s AI answer, the Google Assistant. Therefore, if you are the user of some or many of Google’s products, services and apps, the Google Assistant will likely prove to be a very useful feature. By association, the Pixel phones will also prove to be useful smartphones.

If Nexus was all about the Android experience, Pixel is all about the Google experience.

Recode goes on to talk more about why Google needs to make its own hardware. Make sure to give it a read from the source link below.

What do you think of Osterloh’s comments? Do you agree Pixel provides the best Google experience?

Source : Recode


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