A new patent reveals LG working on transparent foldable displays

We’ve been hearing about foldable paper-like smartphone displays, and just displays in general as well, for quite a while now. But transparent displays? They’ve never been a hot topic of discussion even though every sci-fi movie does feature transparent displays rather than foldable displays. Whatever the future of smartphones and gadgets looks like, companies like Samsung and LG are doing all they can to beat the other at the next big thing.


When you hear curved displays, these are the two names that come to mind, and these are the two names that have previously been associated with rumours of foldable displays. We’ve already been enjoying the benefits of curved TVs for some time now and every so often, one of the major smartphone manufacturers files for a patent detailing something related to this emerging display technology. That’s what happened with Samsung earlier this week and that’s exactly what’s happened now with LG.

Samsung has previously demoed foldable displays back in 2014, and they had plans to get them out by 2015 but we know that did not happen. Around the same time, LG had a slightly laid back roadmap for its bendable display tech. A newly unearthed patent document might just suggest the 2017 deadline is achievable. Sadly, it provides little info, but early concept renders make one thing clear – LG is not only going for a foldable panel, but a transparent and touch-sensitive one as well.

foldable3 (2).jpg

Transparent displays are not entirely new for LG though, they did demonstrate a translucent see-through tablet cum refrigerator door this year at IFA.  The device depicted in the only document render (which you can see above) folds precisely in half, kind of like a book. Basic audio and video controls are depicted on one of its sides though nothing suggests the other side meant for displaying multimedia content isn’t touch-sensitive, as well. Keep in mind though at this point this is probably just a concept LG wanted to patent rather than anything real which hits the market anytime soon.


Then again, maybe LG will be one of those companies who surprises the market next year, considering they did promise a bendable smartphone in 2017. And that’s the best case scenario. So, I highly doubt we’ll see anything of the sort in the market soon, at least not by the end of Q3 next year once again considering the best case scenario.

Source: GSMInfo via : GSMArena


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