Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours : No home button, SenseID like tech, Dual camera

Samsung has been in the news again this week and not for good reasons. And I’m sure if they can right this ship this year, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 design could be a game changer when 2017 rolls around.

Given all that’s gone on, Samsung will definitely need to pull a few rabbits out of its hat next year. While the flexible phone is rumored to still be in the works, the Samsung Galaxy S8 design may be what saves the day. Samsung has already gone edgeless, and a new report says they may go full-screen next year. The company may remove the home button from the device completely and integrate the fingerprint scanner it into the screen itself.

Samsung with Galaxy S8 is working on bringing  major changes both in ‘function and design as not seen before’. According to reports, redesigning and enhancing the display is one the key features. It is still not clear if the tech giant will make use of Qualcomm’s SenseID or something of its own. Moreover, Samsung is pushing for Galaxy S8 to be a ‘full-screen‘ smartphone. As they are getting rid of the home button, they plan on expanding the display  to the top and bottom of the device.

Galaxy S8 concept

One of the main reasons that Samsung we will be looking at the major display changes could be that the company is pushing to make VR main stream. According to earlier speculations, Galaxy S8 will have a 4K display. Additionally, it will have an Exynos 8895 SoC along with Mali-G71 GPU, making it a graphic powerhouse. To give users the optima experience, going for a full screen 4K display that wows the users does make sense.

Moving on, Samsung is said to have decided to adorn the S8 with a dual rear camera arrangement. This is certainly not surprising, considering how many of Samsung’s competitors (including Apple) have started playing this game already. What’s unclear apparently is whether Samsung will go for “all-in-one dual cameras” or “separated dual cameras”. The former “have two lenses and a module”, while the latter “have two separate modules”. One of the S8’s rear sensors will have 16 MP resolution, while the other will be an 8 MP unit.

It’s also reported that the US variants of the Galaxy S8 will feature Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 830 processor, which has yet to be officially confirmed by the US chipmaker. Rumour has it that the chip will be built in a significantly more efficient 10nm manufacturing process by Samsung itself, which should result in substantial performance improvements.

Producing a new “full screen” edgeless look on the Samsung Galaxy S8 would certainly be a good way to go in the meantime, and if the rumor pans out, it could debut sooner than expected next year.

For now, you’ll want to take this rumor lightly although we do believe they will pull out all the stops in 2017… especially with Apple’s big revamp of the iPhone coming.

Source: ETnews 


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