Download : A bunch of APKs from Google Pixel

With the system dump of the Google Pixels leaking earlier, we now have the Android 7.1 apps from Google Pixel and XL available for download, and some bits of info on which apps work and which don’t.

It’s worth noting that most of these APKs probably won’t work on your device as they’re strictly built for the Pixel smartphone, however I haven’t been able to test out all the apps yet on every device running Nougat and Marshmallow. Hence, you may have better luck than I did in my testing.

These APKs vary from the built-in Phone app to the baseline version of Gmail that’ll ship on the Pixel. However, one that’s been highly requested is the official Pixel Launcher APK. And thankfully, it can be installed and works on other devices as far as my testing goes. As it may seem obvious, there’s practically no change between this version and the one leaked last month. Nevertheless, this way you will be running the official Pixel Launcher from Google and not one “off the street,” if you will.

Inside the Google Pixel image file there’s a new, official wallpaper picker that’s not very different than the one leaked before with the Pixel Launcher. With this APK (that’s necessary to install alongside the Pixel Launcher), you’ll have access to new wallpapers in each category given alongside all the stock wallpapers found on the Pixels. The wallpaper app does work on Nexus devices like 6P and 5X. So, go give these a try! And You can view screenshots of this app below.

BTW, there’s also a new Play Store and Play Services for you to download from the Pixel package. In addition, an APK called “LatinIMEGooglePrebuilt” was also discovered which is an update to the Google Keyboard. This new version includes two additional themes and some interface tweaks that includes bolder text, new icons for switches, and more. You’ll surely notice the difference if you install this app on your device. If you don’t plan on doing this, just take a look at the screenshots below.

What doesn’t work

  1. EasterEgg.apk – parsing error
  2. GoogleCamera.apk – parsing error
  3. Phone (dialer.apk) – app not installed error
  4. SystemUIGoogle.apk – parsing error
  5. StorageManagerGoogle.apk – parsing error
  6. SettingsGoogle.apk – parsing error
  7. MusicFX.apk – parsing error
  8. LiveWallpaperPicker.apk – parsing error
  9. GoogleServicesFramework.apk – parsing error

What works:

(besides pixel launcher and the keyboard)

  1. Wallpapers (WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt.apk) – no need to move to system/apps! Edit: has issues with Huawei Emui design. Particularly on Huawei apps if theme doesn’t add specific background to Huawei apps (so basically on every theme this issue is present)
  2. Google app (Velvet.apk) – now I have two google apps NNvezhU.jpg(one is “google”, another is “google app”). Edit: awesome… now I can’t uninstall any of those.App installed itself directly to system/apps folder and I didn’t even had to reboot. So there is some kind of exploit, people on xda or those looking for new ways how to root device should look into this. This is new feature apparently. Also it doesn’t give you the google assistant if you are wondering.
  3. Project Fi (Tycho.apk)
  4. Photos (photos.apk) – same as google. Multiple photo apps
  5. Music2.apk – look google app
  6. Videos.apk – look google app
  7. Maps.apk – look google app
  8. Contacts (contacts.apk)
  9. Calculator (CalculatorGooglePrebuild.apk)

Download :

Note: These APKs come from the Pixel ‘Sailfish’ system image, not the Pixel XL ‘Marlin’ image.

Did you find the courage to try any of the apps? What works for you and what doesn’t? Share your experience in the comments below.



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  1. Google app to give you assistant needs you to edit the build.prop file. I read it in another site, I tried it and I have it on Xperia T (mint) CM14. All you have to do is to trick Google App to believe it is in a pixel phone. Those familiar with the process can Google about it. 🙂


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