Download : Google Pixel Boot Animation [Black and White versions]

The Google Pixel phones have been selling like hot cakes, whether its the low supply or high demand I’m not yet sure. But whether you like the Pixel or not, the phones do pack some exclusive goodies just like any other OEM’s phones and wouldn’t we all love to get our hands on some?

We’ve already had the leaked ringtones and notification sounds from the Pixel phones when they were still known as Nexus. The Pixel Launcher was also leaked before but now we have the official Pixel Launcher APK. Also now, we have our hands on the boot animation from the system dump leak thanks to LlabTooFeR.

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pixel animation.gif

You can download the boot animation all ready to go in a ZIP file below and just flash it via any recovery such as TWRP.

Note: The boot animation and logo come from the Pixel ‘Sailfish’ system image which is has a 1080p display, not the Pixel XL ‘Marlin’ image. So if you try installing it on a device with a quadHD display like the Nexus 6P, it might not come out right. 

Source : XDA

11 thoughts on “Download : Google Pixel Boot Animation [Black and White versions]

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    1. Do you have root access? If you do, just goto /system/media/ and replace the with the one you downloaded. If you don’t have root, you can’t install it by any method. Unless you’re running Cyanogen OS.


      1. Yeah it only works for a 1080p resolution device right now. I tried extracting it from the Pixel XL system dump for higher resolution but the image files seem corrupt. I’ll update as soon as there’s any progress


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