Download : Official Google Pixel and Pixel XL Launcher and system dump

Google’s recently announced Pixel and Pixel XL and as it was bound to happen eventually, LlabTooFeR, a popular HTC-focused developer/leaker, has surfaced with the official system images that will ship on the Pixel and Pixel XL once they launch later this month. The Pixel and Pixel XL might already be getting out of stock on the Google store but they aren’t yet available for retail.

It is also not possible to test these images yet, but LlabTooFeR assures that they are the final versions of the images that will be installed on the retail devices, and reminds people “that these images are for Developers only, you cannot install them on any existing devices” other than the upcoming Pixel phones.

Each package that’s available to download below contain three files each: a boot.img (a.k.a the kernel), a system.img (a.k.a a system partition that contains mainly APKs and JARs for applications and system functions to run), and a system_other.img (a.k.a. a second system partition that contains odex fixes). These images respectively contain the code names ‘Sailfish’ and ‘Marlin’ and feature the October 5th security patch.

Pixel (Sailfish) Pixel XL (Marlin) sailfish-user 7.1 NDE63H 3256426 release-keys marlin-user 7.1 NDE63H 3256426 release-keys google/sailfish/sailfish:7.1/ NDE63H/3256426:user/release-keys google/marlin/marlin:7.1/ NDE63H/3256426:user/release-keys 7.1 7.1 2016-10-05 2016-10-05 release-keys release-keys
 Download  Pixel (Sailfish)  Pixel XL (Marlin)

There isn’t much more about these images as of now to share, but as more begins to surface about what’s inside the packages, like the first evidence of the Google Assistant and what capabilities the built-in apps have, the article will be updated alongside additional ones that will be published for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Here’s the APK for the official Pixel launcher for easy installation on existing devices. Be sure to install it as a system app to get the Google Now leftmost tab.

Source : LlabTooFeR


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