Download and get the Google Pixel Dialer app to work on Android 6.0+ devices

At the event on October 4, Google showed off a lot of things, especially focusing on the Google Pixel’s camera  and the Google Assistant. But one thing they didn’t talk, albeit it is not big enough a deal, is the dialer app on the Pixel. It’s not the stock dialer that ships with Android and has a few changes mentioned below.

To get this working however your phone should already support  the Google Phone app from the playstore. So that marks out quite a few devices already but if you happen to have a Nexus, lucky you. If you can install the Google Phone from the Play Store, you will be able to install the Pixel Dialer app.

Grab it from APKMirror. Once you open that link however you will notice it’s for the Google Phone apk, so don’t worry, I didn’t link you to the wrong APK. The Pixel dialer is an updated version of the Google Phone app exclusively for the Pixel phones (hopefully only for now).

Just install the downloaded Google Phone APK from APKMirror as an update to the Google Phone app you already have from the Playstore. Then go into Settings > Apps and make sure it is the default “Phone app.” You may need to wipe the data and reboot if it doesn’t work outright.

But you must be wondering, what exactly do you get from this dialer to go through all the hassle?


Well, the satisfaction of knowing you have the latest and exclusive version of an app! That’s a convincing enough feature for people like me but I believe probably not for a lot of others out there. So, the main menu looks very similar, but when you are in a call things look a bit different. The call screen shows your wallpaper with a blue filter over the top. Incoming calls show the caller’s contact photo as the answer/reject button which I think is neat but I can see why some would want a full screen caller picture.

If you have a custom ROM and you’re using custom CM themes this “blue” filter might not be so blue. It apparently changes with certain themes as you can see in the screenshots above, the filter on mine is slightly greenish because of the theme I’m using.

You can swipe this caller bubble up to answer and down to reject. So go ahead, give it a try if you’re enthusiastic about it and let me know if it works for you in the comments below.

This hack was brought to us by and they have spent a lot of time explaining all the details so do check them out if you feel like from the source link below.

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