Google is hiring comedians to add a sense of humour to Google Assistant

Google is on a roll these days. They have come up with their latest phone Pixel with an aim to give a massive competition to Apple’s iPhone.

In a bid to break the market, they are also bringing their own version of Siri – a digital online assistant. While the name isn’t as fancy as Siri (It’s called Google Assistant), it promises to have something that Siri might not have! A sense of humour. Not to say Siri isn’t funny at all. She definitely has her moments. But personally, I would call her the Queen of Sass.

In general, Artificial intelligence, in practice, isn’t very funny. Ask Siri or Amazon Alexa to tell you a joke, and you’ll probably get something a 10-year-old would scrunch her nose at. 


Google wants to change that. The company unveiled Google Home, its Amazon Echo-like home assistant, last week. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google hired writers from places like Pixar and the Onion to help spice up the Home’s dialogue and give its AI more personality.

Even though most digital assistants still cannot grasp contextual conversation, some of the newer entrants such as Google Assistant make an attempt to take the conversation forward from the preceding statement.

For instance, you can ask the Assistant. “What is Adele’s full name?” and after it gives you the information, you can ask, “What was her last album?” and Google gets who you mean by ‘her’.

While we still cannot adjust ‘humor’ settings on robots, as Matthew McConaughey could do in the movie, Interstellar, we do have instances of robots that are developing a pretty decent sense of humour.  Recently, Charlie Rose interviewed a humanoid for 60 minutes on television and she came up with some quirky answers.

But until that time when the bots get smart enough to outwit you, you can have a nice chat with Google Home sitting at your kitchen table, without many jokes of course.


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