Google working on some UI changes to the Google Playstore App

The Google Play Store has been the beating heart of Android, providing users with all kinds of apps and games, as well as music, movies, TV shows and books. Androd veterans will remember the Play Store as the Android Market, which was only good for apps and games. I’ve been on android since the Ginger bread days and the Playstore UI in those days reminded me of the Nokia store, only less attractive. Since then, it has come a long long way with Android itself.

And Google is currently in the process of overhauling the Play Store’s user interface. This came after reports indicate how the tech company is testing several different UI changes at the same time.  Most Google apps see server side updates, Playstore is no exclusion to this. However, as Android Police points out, it is quite rare for Google to be testing multiple changes at once. nexus2cee_carouseltablet-329x468

Currently, Google is not only testing a renamed ‘Entertainment’ section, the extent of the update covers small cosmetic tweaks such as the elimination of the Search box in favor of a small Search icon swept to the top right part of the store. While this particular change looks pleasant as it does help the interface get less cluttered, it makes the process of searching longer. When using Voice search, for example, the current Play Store build only requires one tap. The new UI will require users to execute two taps to access the Voice search icon. Since, currently search is invisible in most of the Play Store interface as well, this isn’t really that much of a change.


Google also apparently felt that the “Entertainment” section was a bit too vague. The suggested replacement is the much more descriptive title – “MOVIES, MUSIC, BOOKS”. This might save some confusion, although we doubt too many users are currently looking for books in the games department, but the long text does look somewhat questionable on a lower-res device. These changes are subtle, absolutely, but they’re the sort of changes that show Google is looking to push their entertainment content a lot more than they have done in the past.

Another change is a revamped carousel for featured items. While the carousel’s images used to stretch from left to right and go behind the Google Play search bar and the status bar, the new, smaller images don’t. In addition, the “Apps and Games” and “Entertainment” (or what could soon be “Movies, Music, Books”) section have been relocated.


Google also seems to be keen in reinforcing the platform’s branding as the Play Store name will now appear persistently every time the user clicks a link. This can bother some Android consumers because its green background might appear at odds with the color of the notification bar. However, this issue could prove to be subjective since there are phones that have transparent status bars.

Keep in mind though that only some users are seeing these changes right now indicating Google is still testing out these changes, the official changes, when they happen may or may not turn out slightly different.

What do you think of these new design changes? Do you care enough to hate the ugly green bar? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Source : Android Police


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