Google testing a transparent subwidget for the Google Now launcher

Recently, we saw Google testing out multiple server-side UI changes to the Playstore Android app. Turns out Google is also testing another such feature or change whichever you call it. This time its a subwidget for the Google search bar in Google Now launcher. This mostlye transparent sbwidget appears under the Google search bar and shows relevant information that Google thinks you may need at that partivular moment.

Some users on the latest Google beta ( are seeing this option which means it’s not something you can get with an updated APK. The subwidget shows the most relevant Google now card in a not so card like UI under the Search bar and if you tap on it, it takes you to the Google Now pane and scrolls down automatically to the respective Google Now card. If you choose to swipe away the card, it wouldn’t show under the search anymore. Alternatively, you could also just tap the small cross icon on the right to dismiss it. This is more like the Google Now notifications but under your search bar rather than the notification bar.

If you are enrolled in the Google beta updates or happen to be on the latest beta, and would like to know if Google deemed you worthy, just Goto the ‘widget’ option under Google app’s settings and you’ll find a toggle to “Turn on the feed”if you’re lucky.

Source : Android Police


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