Report : Samsung Galaxy S8 will have its own AI assistant; will come in two sizes

Samsung should have a lot of faith riding on its upcoming Galaxy S8, and according to Chinese sources close to the matter, it’s heavily rumored that the upcoming flagship is going to be arriving in two models with varied hardware details. Earlier rumours have suggested the Galaxy S8 will only come with curved screen variants.

According to new reports, the two variants Galaxy S8 will come in include a 5.1-inch screen with QHD resolution which and another with a 5.5-inch 4K display. The Galaxy S8 is likely going to be powered by the 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor, in some markets it will feature Samsung’s own Exynos 8895 processor. The much-rumored dual-camera system of the Galaxy S8 is said to be exclusive to the larger variant.

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True to its competitive behaviour, Samsung is also said to be incorporating its own AI Assistant knows as Viv assistant for now. Remember how Samsung quickly integrated a fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 right after the iPhone 5s came out with one? Samsung does innovate a lot but it is also quick to include features from the competition and that is perhaps what has kept the company at the number one place when it comes to smartphones.

As Google is keeping mum about Google Assistant’s reach to other manufacturers, Samsung wants to hit back with Viv assistant (The company behind it was recently acquired by Samsung and it was founded by Siri creators), which of course will replace horrible S-voice. Voice isn’t similar to other intelligent assistants like Siri so it will be a welcome addition to the flagship.

That said, I’m wouldn’t be sold on Samsung’s Assistant because when it comes to AI, I don’t think any other company has the resources to beat Google. If anyone maybe Facebook can come the closest if it tried but that’s just one person’s opinion on the Internet.

Since the Galaxy Note 7 is now dead leaving Samsung’s brand image tarnished and a dent of over $17 billion in losses, Samsung will want to pull out all the stops and regain the trust within it’s consumers. Rumours also suggest the Galaxy S8 will launch on 26th February. Here’s hoping Samsung makes a good comeback.

Source : Weibo via : Phandroid


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