Google pushes the Pixel phones with two new ads

Google’s new “Pixel” smartphone is off to a fast marketing start with $3.2 million (roughly ₹21.3 crores) in television ads in two days since it announced the upcoming launch, and ad executives expect Google to spend hundreds of millions more to keep up with rivals Samsung and Apple. While Google’s brand is known around the world, and its Android operating system powers most of the world’s smartphones, including Samsung’s, it is not known as a consumer goods maker. It has made forays, such as the Chromecast streaming player, but not of this size and magnitude.

Google has hardly ever advertised a product this much — signaling that its entering the hardware game is a step the company is deeming to be pretty serious. In turn, this explains why the company is pouring barge-loads of money into its advertising campaign. They’ve already started their Pixel marketing through ads and through bill boards in London. Now Google has two more ads fired up and ready to go on their YouTube channel and they get down to business and get personal.

The Google branding is strong within these ads, with the simple visuals of the familiar search bar (for which Google is known for all over the world) seen morphing into a smartphone’s outline and the Pixel getting highlighted as a phone made by Google. Big G is pushing the branding so hard and in your face making sure you know that this is a Phone by Google.

Although, at the same time Google also looks set out to make it apparent that the Pixel and Pixel XL are YOUR phones and that you can use them how YOU want to, underlining the Android philosophy and hitting the iPhone at its weakest point, well apart from the lack of a headphone jack.

It’s not clear whether these adverts will be turned to TV spots – though, given their shortness and the mass-appealing theme of “humanizing” smartphones running through them, it’s not impossible at all.

There is also speculation that the tech giant may buy ads during Thanksgiving football games which cost millions. Watch the two ads above and tell me what you think of them.


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