More than 1 million Galaxy Note 7 devices still in use after recall

Okay, so the Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled twice, this time for good. Samsung has stopped production and is ready to bear over 3 billion in losses and it is doing all it can to control the brand damage. Despite this, there are some die-hard Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners who are refusing to give up the device. New data from Apteligent shows many people would rather risk literally burning a hole in their pocket than power down their shiny new phone. In fact, there are more Galaxy Note 7 devices in use now than when initial reports of device malfunctions first started at the beginning of September.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-Usage-Rate-Replacements.png

You can see how Note 7 usage has trended over the past two months in the graph above. About 40 percent of all Note 7 users haven’t heeded Samsung’s plea to immediately power down the phone. In fact, there are plenty of Samsung superfans who love the Note 7 so much they’re making a conscious choice to defy the recall.

The device reached peak usage on Monday when the device returned to sales on all four major US carriers and other places around the world. The usage of the phone dropped on Tuesday when Samsung made the announcement that it had shut down production of the Galaxy Note 7 line but worldwide usage of the phone is up 7% above the first recall and the service is reporting over 1 million Note 7 phones still in use as of Wednesday.

“Samsung has received 96 reports of batteries in Note 7 phones overheating in the US, including 23 new reports since the September 15 recall announcement,” reads a recall notice posted Thursday. “Samsung has received 13 reports of burns and 47 reports of property damage associated with Note 7 phones.”

Some fans are of the view that there is a very less chance of their Note 7 exploding in their face and that this is all because of the bad press the Note 7 recieved. Brand loyalty is one thing, but keep in mind the CPSC repeated Samsung’s call to power down all Galaxy Note 7 phones.

Samsung, is taking billion dollar losses recalling the Note 7 and please, make no mistake, bad press did not force Samsung to buckle, they did because they had to. Sure, phones explode all the time but the very fact that the Galaxy Note 7 has a higher chance of exploding than most smartphones is quite unnerving.

Are you one of these die-hard fans? If not, do you have any advice for them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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