Video : Xiaomi’s bendable display in action

Seems bendable smartphones are the future, considering the rate at which leaked renders of concept phones with flexible displays are being unveiled. Just recently, we got wind that LG had filed a patent for a foldable smartphone after Samsung, not forgetting that Lenovo had teased a flexible smartphone just before the IFA Berlin 2016. I was even looking forward to the launch of the Lenovo flexible phone at IFA but that didn’t happen. OPPO had also in the past got into the fray of concept phones with flexible display. Now, what is likely a concept phone said to be developed by Xiaomi has leaked, showing the flexible display that bends in all direction.


xiaomi-bendable-2Xiaomi is one of the most active smartphone manufacturers this year, at least when it comes to smartphone releases. The company did release quite a few handsets, including three flagship devices, one of which was the Mi 5s with SenseID. The rumoured Xiaomi concept phone with flexible display was leaked on Baidu recently and was pictured in two separate renders. The phone uses flexible screen that can be bent upwards, downward, as well as to the left and right.

Many people assumed that the two images were photoshopped, and that we’re not really looking at a bendable display with MIUI 8 on it. Well, a video has just leaked and more or less confirmed that the display is real.


This display is bent while someone navigates MIUI 8 on it, and by doing that, the person is showing that the display is real and functional. Whoever is navigating this panel entered a couple of apps in order to show them off on this display, including the Clash Royale game, a very popular game that we’ve talked about in the past.

It is possible that foldable smartphones might not become mainstream products as we’re expecting. After all, it is just the display that would be flexible (at least offering some level of protection against cracks). The phone itself needs to bend, so we either need bendable internals (highly unlikely), or manufacturers need to place internal components very carefully to allow for such devices to bend to a certain degree, but that could prove to be a gimmick more than a useful feature.

We’d have to wait and see whether this display makes its way to the Mi Note 2. What do you think? Can flexible displays bring forth the next big thing in smartphone evolution that we’re all waiting for? How do you think manufacturers could use flexible displays on not so flexible hardware?

via : Gizmochina


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