5 Android apps you should try (16/10/16)

From health and fitness to life-sims and VR cameras, it’s a good week for high-quality new Android apps. Here are five that went live or I just happened to spot this week (mostly the latter).

Gideon Smart Home

First of all, the name, if you’re not an avid fan of DC Comics TV shows, you’re probably not grinning right now.

With no additional software or hardware required, the Gideon Smart Home app promises to Google-Play-Button-NEW-e1460739245700connect multiple different devices with one single app. It’s still early ideas for the idea of a “smart home” to become truly affordable and mainstream, but there are plenty of devices and technologies out there pushing in that direction. Gideon AI is worth a look if you’re ahead of the crowds: an app that aims to make it easier to manage your connected home.

The products that can be integrated and controlled through Gideon include: security cameras, lighting, heating/cooling systems, entertainment, electrical appliances, windows, gates, curtains, pet care and baby monitors. Phone alerts can also be set up to inform on security breaches like doors or windows being opened.

On a related but also unrelated note, Gideon was earlier named “Alfred” so you know whoever made this has to be DC fan. First the famous Bat-butler then literally an AI from the DC show ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, this can’t be coincidence. “Alfred has grown from being a digital butler into Gideon AI, the smartest home intelligence solution,” said Marco Matera founder and CCO.



Storehouse is a narrative photography app for creating collages and stories. Storehouse Google-Play-Button-NEW-e1460739245700allows users to combine photos and videos from their camera roll to create very slick and well-designed collages of moments from their life that can be easily embedded or shared with friends. The app was initially only available for iPad and received Apple’s Design Award for its efforts on iOS in 2014, operates much like Google Photos’ Collections feature, allowing users to create visual “stories” with their photos and videos. It has been on the Playstore since over a year now so if you haven’t already, check it out now.


Sprayscape is a fun little app that kind of lets you paint a 360-degree sphere with pictures Google-Play-Button-NEW-e1460739245700from your camera. How it works is you start with a blank sphere. You then point your camera at something and tap the app. The image will appear on the inside of the sphere. You can move around and take pictures this way until you have a really unique collage. Some have compared this to Google’s Photosphere, although the two aren’t really the same thing. You can try it out for free if you want to.

More details here : Sprayscape is an app from the Google labs.

Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket ($1.99)

Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket by Arcane Circusis a crazy life management game that hits a bit too close to home for many people, I’d imagine. If you enjoy games that are packed Google-Play-Button-NEW-e1460739245700with mini-games, like Peter Panic, but like having a slice of life thrown into the mix, then Crap! I’m Broke is the game for you. The idea of the game is to do everyday things like going to work and cleaning your house to avoid things like eviction, starvation, and other potential problems. It uses a unique graphical style and it’s fairly simple to play. Along the way, you’ll even do things like make New Years resolutions, and engage with a karma system that has no problems with messing up your life. It’s $1.99 with no in-app purchases.


Jiyo, the brainchild of Chopra and co-founder Poonacha Machaiah is being touted as the personal wellbeing companion. The name translates to “Live” and the app features content, including articles and videos from wellness experts. These include Eddie Stern, co-founder of Ashtanga Yoga New York; Dr Dan Siegel and Dr Mark Human.

Jiyo basically tracks users behavior and offers health and fitness suggestions based on Google-Play-Button-NEW-e1460739245700their habits. The app comes up with tasks related to exercise, meditation, relationships and more. It also has a reminder feature. This app wants to “help you be your best self”, from analysing your activity data and providing tips to advice on relationships, finances and other life areas. No pot plants, sadly, but you can’t have everything. Jiyo app, right now is free but users will have to pay for certain services and advises later.

If I missed any big Android apps or games-related news, tell me about them in the comments!


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