Sprayscape : A perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera from Google

It seems Alphabet Inc is well aware of what the customers are enjoying these days, with 3D being replaced by VR. The tech company is now juggling with a different VR camera application, called the Sprayscape. It’s a VR camera app for Android devices and it offers more than what traditional VR apps provide. According to Google, they combined two things they love—virtual reality (VR) and taking pictures—and calls the app “perfectly imperfect.”

This experimental application has been one of the many awesome projects that are launched every month, such as Google ‘Cardboard Camera’. Sprayscape operates by using the gyroscope and even Natcam Unity plugin of the smartphone for capturing and controlling images, giving a 360 degrees view.

The tech giant described its experiment saying: “Just point your phone and tap the screen to spray faces, places, or anything else on to your canvas.” Users can even share their creations via links, which is where the Cardboard SDK will come in handy.

In practice, Sprayscape requires painting-like motions across the screen to create a final combined image. Check out the video below to see Sprayscape in action.

Google certainly offers its customers with the kind of technology that goes hand in hand, with the recent one being linked to its Daydream VR headsets, Google Glasses, Google Cardboard. This application is worth a try, but users must be cautious of not putting their fingers on their smartphones screens if they are moving, because the image captured will not be clear.

The camera feed works at a rate of 60 frames each second and the captured image is saved on the application’s data. Upon completion, all the images are wrapped into a circle, giving the 360 degrees realistic effect that we all enjoy so much.

The 360 view is ideal for users who travel and want to show off the entire view to their friends rather than just a 2D dry glimpse of how beautiful it is where they are. Sometimes one picture is just not enough.

Sprayscape’s application code has already been published on Github for developers who would enjoy building up an application like this. It is available for download on Google Play Store for users who are curious and want to have fun.


Source : Google


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